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Asset Repairs 2020









Welcome to Assets and Repairs 2020 – the aim of this campaign is to challenge traditional approaches and deliver a new 2020 vision for assets and repairs in the housing sector.

We have bought together a group of senior asset and repairs professionals to help us start a debate about the future of assets and repairs. We aim to:

  • Disrupt conventional thinking and approaches
  • Drive thought leadership in asset and repairs management
  • Deliver new, fresh thinking and clear messages on repairs and maintenance for CIH members and the wider housing sector
  • Bring insight, energy and focus on this critical area of activity

Find out more about the role and purpose of the group

So what needs to change?

Well, the group have given this significant thought and have suggested five areas that we will be looking to debate with the sector over the next 18 months or so:

  1. We need to rethink traditional delivery models, moving away from those primarily led by simple tenant demand for reactive repairs and by the predicted lifecycle of components for planned maintenance as these no longer match the value and economy thresholds now expected

  2. We need a paradigm shift in our approach to repairs and asset management which disrupts both the established delivery models and the typically sterile approaches and terms of debate

  3. We must move on from traditional definitions and distinctions that restrict innovation e.g.
    breaking down the barriers between responsive/planned and responding to the post Decent Homes era

  4. We have to rebuilding resident trust and confidence of our tenants – demonstrating our commitment and ability to keep tenants safe at all times through sound specification and execution of works

  5. We must make sure that what we spent on repairs and maintenance is relevant and a proper contribution to sustaining the housing assets.

What are the new rules of engagement?

  • Repairs and maintenance must be an integral part of asset management, with a set of shared aims, objectives, measurement and monitoring criteria
  • We must forge a new and productive partnership with tenants and residents that delivers benefits and value to both parties
  • We must deliver on collaborative working with housing management and across the landlord team to deliver stronger, shared outcomes and outputs for residents, the building asset and the housing business
  • We must have a resilient and capable repairs and maintenance workforce that has the new skills and experience needed, supported by brilliant digital systems in order to deliver the new, modern service
  • We must establish a more commercial approach to housing repairs and maintenance - one where the cost of delivering the service is fully understood and is appropriate and proportionate to the outputs being secured

What do you think? Join the debate at #CIHassetrepairs2020


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