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All you need to know about Be Bold in Your Career


We spoke to course director of Career Innovation, Rosemary McLean to find out more about the 'Be Bold in Your Career' online course.

1. Why did you and Career Innovation develop the course?

In many ways it’s the culmination of 20 year’s work, as for some time we have been trying to find creative ways of providing meaningful careers support to as many people as possible. It seems to me, that with busy lives, people have limited opportunities to take time out to reflect on what they want and how to improve their career satisfaction. It’s easy to feel a bit stuck.

2. Why is Be Bold in your Career important now?

As we all face the ‘100-year life’, working and living longer, it is now more important than ever to try and take charge of your own career growth and development to shape what you want - and stay current for future opportunities. I think the course helps that to be more achievable.

3. Why is being bold in your career important to you?

I really do think that everyone deserves an opportunity for success and happiness, whatever it looks like. We are all unique, but what can hold people back in achieving their potential is lack of confidence, or self-limiting beliefs. The ‘Be Bold’ aspect of the course is all about inspiring people to take action, and not be frightened of seeking out career conversations with others. It has been so satisfying to see this happen in practice, where participants have taken ‘bold’ steps and got recognition, or a new role/project, and by the end of the course you can see the shifts they have made.

4. Who are the Be Bold course guides?

The course guides are Rosemary McLean, Valerie Rowles and Mark Anderson. Between us we have over 80 years of career development experience, with backgrounds in occupational psychology and careers coaching and diverse experience including working with young people, chief executives, global employers, and people in career transition. We share a passion to offer meaningful large-scale career development to support everyone to fulfil their potential.

Check out more about us on LinkedIn:

5. Why should people manage their careers?

It has always perplexed me that most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do planning their careers. In a world where you may have several careers or jobs over a long working life, and with unpredictable or unknown jobs of the future, it’s useful to be ‘opportunity ready’.

Personal career branding – how you convey and demonstrate what you can offer is becoming a core skill, even though not everyone likes the idea. Hopefully the course makes this practical and relevant, it has certainly been an eye opener for previous participants who have ignored things such as their LinkedIn profiles.

It makes sense to invest time in getting your career right. Yet, many people just don’t know where to start, or about the beneficial career management skills we can all develop.

6. What sort of impact has the course had?

94% of those who’ve provided feedback would recommend Be Bold to others. Previous participants have changed roles, stepped into secondments, developed five year career goal plans, taken on new projects, and engaged in confident dialogues with their managers about future career opportunities. I think many have reconnected with their work too, it has reminded them of why they love working in housing.

7. Who is it useful for?

In all honesty it seems to meet the needs of many people, whatever their career situation, providing they are willing to engage and participate. It goes without saying it is useful for anyone who wants to get the most out their job and career, and use their talents to the full. It’s been especially beneficial for those who feel stuck, and don’t know what move to make next, and those who are facing or experiencing change, both in and outside work.

8. Can you give me a course outline?

Introduction – 1 week

This introductory week gets you in the right frame of mind to succeed and commit to the course.

My story, my network – 2 weeks

You’ll be looking back at your ‘career journey’ so far to identify what brings you career satisfaction, and identifying who can support you on the journey ahead.

Futureproof my career – 2 weeks

We take an external look at future work trends and how you can respond by building your career management skills.

Moving forward – 2 weeks

Here you’ll be clarifying your options and how you’d like to grow in your career.

Ideas into action – 2 weeks

Now it’s all about taking actions, and getting the support you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Completion – 1 week

In this final session, we encourage you to stand back and reflect on what you have achieved by taking part.

9. How many webinars are there?

There are four webinars, you’ll get calendar invites for each, and all can be listened to at a later date:

  • Introduction webinar – to meet the course guides and other course participants - feel engaged and excited to get started!
  • Career habits to futureproof your career – looking at the things you can do in your career to stay competitive, relevant and adaptable, and how best to communicate your ‘career brand’.
  • Making decisions about your career - the factors that will help inform your career direction and explore ways you can get what you want from career conversations with others.
  • Staying on track - more inspiration, and practical ways you can keep focused on your career development actions.

10. Is a certificate issued at the end?

Yes, after the final webinar, based on resources completed so you will need to tick them off as you go.

11. What CiZone resources will help during and after the course?

The course gives a guided experience over several weeks and uses tools and activities that are part of the wider CiZone career portal. In particular the CareerPulse™ is a great resource as it provides you with feedback on what you could do more of to support your career development.

The good news is that after the course ends you can continue to focus on your career development by exploring and using all the other resources too e.g. mentoring, supporting others with their career, looking at work/life balance, creating your on-line profile. You can search via the resources tab to find what you need.

12. Why is the online forum important for the course?

You can interact with your peers on the course, ask questions, network, find mentors, and have discussions exploring the topics raised in each session. There’s a new, more interactive forum, including reply notifications and profile pictures.

13. Can I add this course to the list of my achievements on my CV?

Yes, most organisations are interested in people who can show agility in their career, have thought about the skills they need for the future, and are keen to make the most of their talents and motivations.

14. Is there an opportunity to be profiled by CIH during and after the course?

Yes, please email if you are interested.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you onto the next Be Bold in Your Career course.

Book your place on the January 2020 cohort now!

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