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Being an effective leader is not that difficult, you just have to do it!


Paul Roberts, Newydd Housing Association chief executive, gives us a flavour of his upcoming session at our conference on building an effective workforce. Newydd has achieved impressive rankings in several workforce studies and was recently named as 7th best housing association to work for in the UK.

Paul RobertsWriting this blog gives me an opportunity to think about the key messages I want to deliver without giving too much away, after all we want people to attend the event not read about it in advance. So this blog aims to be a teaser rather than give away too many secrets.

And that is where we start, being an effective leader is not that difficult, you just have to do it. I’m not sure there are many secrets, its mainly common sense and being willing to listen and respond. Not sure the management gurus will thank me for that one.

Secondly, major upheaval, restructures and radical business plans have their place, and usually when an organisation has been badly managed, lost its direction or is failing. For mature, stable, well performing organisations lots of small changes can be the key. These small changes are not owned by leaders but by everyone and lead to a feeling of empowerment.

Thirdly, diversity of opinion and ideas is important. Leaders who are regarded as strong can reign on a manifesto of compliance and fear. The “my way or the highway” approach can be effective in the short term but is essentially fragile and is destined to fail as people’s frustrations boil over.

Finally, behaviour is key. How we behave towards to each other and how we encourage and support excellence is the most effective tool we have and there are some simple ways of making a difference.

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If this has whetted your appetite come along to hear more. On 13 September CIH Cymru will be hearing from four leaders on how they have built an effective workforce and gained top rankings in UK wide surveys of staff engagement and feedback. Paul will be joined on stage by Anne Hinchey from Wales & West, David Stephens from Admiral Group and CIH President Julie Fadden from SLH Group.

How to build an effective workforce - 13 September 2016, Cardiff

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