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Professional standards in action

See why and how different organisations like yours have embedded our professional standards in their organisational values, objectives, competency frameworks and development routes.

Find out how professional standards come to life within their organisations.


Abri has recently developed a framework to provide their colleagues with career direction and a wide variety of development routes, all intended to create housing professionals of the future in every discipline.

With many new entrants to the sector joining us, they needed a way to help them become housing professionals first. This framework supports every colleague to develop expertise in their own areas whilst ensuring the context of our sector is front and foremost for us all.

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The launch of the CIH professional standards came at a great time for settle. They recently introduced a new behavioural framework, 'the settle way', which helps identify their culture and working methods.

There is a clear alignment with the seven characteristics of the professional standards and 'the settle way' behaviours. Their plans for 2021 include weaving both 'the settle way' and its alignment to our professional standards into everything they do, creating a complete end-to-end cultural experience for all settle colleagues.

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Succour Haven CIC

Succour Haven CIC serve the community through a combination of housing and person centred based empowerment and support, including the accessibility of local community support and wellbeing themed provision and public services.

They have adopted the professional standards by embedding them into the proactive delivery of their 'five steps of supported living' engagement and strategy themes with their tenants, along with the professional relationships with the clientele and partner agencies, including their operational and strategic planning activities and a reflection of the core values and beliefs.

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Paul Powell | Director of Succour Haven CIC

Our adopted Professional Standards are embedded in the proactive delivery of our ‘five Steps of Supported Living’ engagement and strategy themes with our tenants, alongside the professional relationships with our clienteles and our partner agencies, including our operational and strategic planning activities, and a reflection of our core values and beliefs.

Elim Housing Association

"It struck me that there was a coherence between the CIH professional standards and Elim Housing’s ‘CARES’ Values. I decided to map the standards against our values.

It helped to demonstrate the importance of CIH qualifications to the organisation and to sense check Elim’s values against the wider standard. We are certainly planning for more of our colleagues to access CIH qualifications as a result of this synergy."

Paul Smith | Chief executive of Elim Housing Association

The professional standards
Built on seven characteristics to enable you to think about your professional development needs and how you can contribute to the professionalism of your organisation and the wider sector.
The importance & benefits
The professional standards bring a wealth of benefits to you as an individual but also to your organisation. They set the benchmark for housing professionals and for organisations in the sector.
Using the standards
The standards can be flexed to fit in with your own organisational values – you can use what works for you and you can apply the standards to your own professional development.
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Take some time to reflect honestly on your professional journey and think about your development needs by completing the professional standards self-assessment tool.
eLearning modules
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