Member Only 17 Jan 2023

Neighbourhood Management and Dispute Resolution

This session provided advice on how to manage difficult neighbourhood disputes and the value of mediation to resolve neighbour conflicts from the perspectives of partners at work in local communities.

During COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns, neighbourhood disputes increased exponentially across the UK, with some areas reporting a whopping 196 per cent rise in reported cases. It was a challenging time, and the pressure of the pandemic and individuals spending more time at home amplified local frustrations and tension within communities.

During this masterclass, our expert panel will explore practical means of conflict resolution and how to use mediation effectively in an increasingly challenging environment. It provides the opportunity to explore the issues across the range of partners at work in local areas (police, local authority and housing).

Why watch?

  • Learn practical means of resolving disputes at early stages, including the value of effective mediation
  • How to resolve complex cases and address mental health issues
  • Managing customer expectations – what is “reasonable noise”?

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