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Agenda for change

Who's signed up to support our pledges?

At our annual conference we published Housing Matters: CIH Scotland's Agenda for Change 2016. It outlines our asks of the next Scottish Government under five important policy areas.  We invited candidates at the upcoming election to support the five policy areas outlined in the Agenda for Change, and you'll find a list of the candidates who have signed up so far below.

Candidates who have signed up to support the five policy areas are:

  • Angela Constance, Scottish National Party
  • Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green Party
  • Richard McCready Scottish Labour Party
  • Claudia Beamish, Scottish Labour Party
  • Rebecca Bell, Scottish Labour Party
  • Gil Paterson, Scottish National Party
  • Liam McArthur, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Dawud Islam, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Andy Wightman, Scottish Green Party
  • Ben Macpherson, Scottish National Party
  • Shirley-Anne Somerville, Scottish National Party
  • Fergus Ewing, Scottish National Party
  • Lesley Hinds, Scottish Labour and Co-operative Party
  • David Green, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Alison Dickie, Scottish National Party
  • David Evans, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Ettie Spencer, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Joanne McFadden, Scottish Labour Party
  • Alex Neil, Scottish National Party
  • Dave Meechan, Scottish Labour Party
  • Martha Wardrop, Scottish Green Party
  • Michael McMahon, Scottish Labour Party
  • David Stewart, Scottish Labour Party
  • Paul Masterton, Conservative
  • Kevin Stewart, Scottish National Party
  • Lewis Macdonald, Scottish Labour Party
  • Stewart Maxwell, Scottish National Party
  • Maureen Watt, Scottish National Party
  • Iain Gray, Scottish Labour Party
  • Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour Party
  • John Swinney, Scottish National Party
  • Blair Heary, Scottish Labour Party
  • Donna Heddle, Scottish National Party
  • Thomas Rannachan, Scottish Labour Party
  • John Finnie, Scottish Green Party
  • Craig Duncan, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • John Ruddy, Scottish Labour Party
  • Gail Casey, Scottish Labour Party
  • Peter Henderson, Scottish National Party
  • Zara Kitson, Scottish Green Party
  • Siobhan McCready, Scottish Labour and Cooperative
  • Kirsten Robb, Scottish Green Party
  • Martin Laidlaw, Conservative
  • Donnie Macleod, Scottish Green Party
  • John Wilson, Scottish Green Party
  • David Evans, Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Peter Chapman, Conservative

What are supporting candidates saying?

"I am pleased to support CIH Scotland's Agenda for Change as housing is the number one issue in the Almond Valley constituency."
Angela Constance - Scottish National Party

"A Scottish Labour Government has committed to building at least 60,000 affordable homes over the next Parliament. We will work closely with the housebuilding industry to boost supply and in the private sector as well. We have committed to a Warm Homes Act which will deliver the changes we need to see in planning and building regulations to tackle fuel poverty, improve standards and provide better quality homes. We will also take on slum landlords to provide warm and secure homes. Finally, and of crucial importance to the housing sector, we'd abolish the Tory bedroom tax in Scotland. The campaign is right to highlight the link between good housing and an individual's wellbeing."
Claudia Beamish - Scottish Labour Party

"Housing is one area where Scottish Greens wish to see transformative change. We believe that high quality homes should be affordable for all. We wish to see a new model of housing delivery based on the German approach where local authorities acquire land at existing use value (as they were able to until 1959) and masterplan and sell plots at cost price, With imagination and radical action, we can deliver the homes we need for the 21st century."
Andy Wightman - Scottish Green Party

"If re-elected to govern, the SNP has committed to build 50,000 affordable homes, introduce a new Warm Homes Bill and use new social security powers to make a meaningful difference. This will help deliver a positive change in Edinburgh Northern and Leith."
Ben Macpherson - Scottish National Party

"As someone who used to be a staff member at the CIH before entering politics and having recently served as a Trustee of Shelter, I'm delighted to support CIH Scotland's Agenda for Change 2016."
Shirley-Anne Somerville - Scottish National Party

"The next Scottish Parliament needs to prioritise delivering afforable housing, controlling private rents and helping young people buy their own home. I recently held a community manifesto public event and housing was one of the top six priorities for the residents of Edinburgh Northern and Leith."
Lesley Hinds - Scottish Labour and Co-operative Party

"High standard housing, available to all, is a defining issue for the health and wellbeing of the next generation. We ignore it at our peril."
Ettie Spencer - Scottish Liberal Democrats

"Everyone has the right to a safe, affordable and warm place to call home, whether you are looking to buy for the first time, or rent in the private and social sectors. Latest figures show that there are more than 150,000 households on private waiting lists across Scotland in need of affordable homes. Scottish Labour will build 60,000 affordable homes over the next parliament, 45,000 of which will be available for social rent (by Councils, Housing Associations and Co-ops)."
Joanne McFadden - Scottish Labour Party

"Good quality homes are the basis for a decent life and I am pleased to support CIH's Agenda for Change which will help us achieve this aim."
Stewart Maxwell - Scottish National Party

"High quality, affordable homes are a key priority for the next parliament. I am happy to support the CIH Agenda for Change and work towards delivering better housing."
Maureen Watt - Scottish National Party

"My party has been clear - we need to get serious about tackling Scotland's housing crisis. That's whether someone needs an affordable or social rent home, is looking to buy for the first time or wants stable rents and decent standards in the private rented sector. That will be a priority for the a future Scottish Labour Government and we have a plan to deliver it. I believe our plan meets the priorities that you have set out in your campaign."
Iain Gray - Scottish Labour Party

"I am standing in this election because I believe in using the powers of the Scottish Parliament to end the scandal of the Scottish housing crisis. I support Agenda for Change and will fight for more investment in our housing system."
Monica Lennon - Scottish Labour Party

"I am happy to support a manifesto that pushes to improve the lives of Scottish people through better quality housing and access to affordable homes."
Zara Kitson - Scottish Green Party

"New social housing is vital for our communities, there are not enough homes for our young people starting out and our older people wishing to downsize. I agree wholeheartedly with the 5 key policy areas set out."
Gail Casey - Scottish Labour Party

"People with no homes and those in sub-standard homes need urgent action now."
Craig Duncan - Scottish Liberal Democrats

"We need more good affordable homes.  This must be a priority for the next Scottish Parliament."
Peter Chapman - Conservative


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