CIH’s landmark publication is the UK Housing Review, which since 1993 has provided an annual appraisal of the state of the UK’s housing combining statistical analysis with expert commentary.

Each year the Review is packed with statistics and analysis about housing, households, homelessness and welfare benefits across the UK and internationally.

The UK Housing Review is the prime source of information and analysis for all concerned with housing policy and finance.

Commentary Chapters in each year's Review include analysis of trends in UK housing markets and in housing needs, as well as of housing provision and public expenditure on housing, the government's current investment plans and topics such as homelessness.

The Review’s Compendium of Tables has 200 tables covering a wide range of housing data relating to tenure, social housing stock, housing expenditure, and the private rented sector. Each year’s edition contains several new or revised tables, and key ones are updated during the year.

CIH publishes three key resources based on the work for the Review:

  • The 250-page Review itself, available both as a book and as a pdf file (see below), normally published in the Spring.
  • A UK Housing Review Briefing Paper, normally published in the Autumn and downloadable free of charge.
  • The UK Housing Review website, which has extracts from each edition of the Review together with all of the tables, and is updated twice-yearly.

The current edition, the UK Housing Review 2020, published in March and currently available for purchase, has all of this material and more. Its Contemporary Issues Chapters, by leading analysts, include:

  • an overview of housing supply in the UK, looking at how it has evolved across the private sector and the two parts of the social sector
  • a review of the funding of UK housing associations and how it has changed and continues to adapt in response to new circumstances
  • lessons we can learn from Europe, in particular from the housing systems in Sweden and Germany
  • analysis of recent comparative statistics on affordable housing across the four UK countries produced by the Office for National Statistics.

The UK Housing Review Briefing Paper, published in October, can be downloaded here.

Look out for the UK Housing Review 2021 in Spring 2021.

The UK Housing Review 2020 is authored by Mark Stephens, John Perry, Peter Williams, Gillian Young and Suzanne Fitzpatrick and is available to purchase in PDF format for £35.00.