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13 February 2024


Microsoft Teams


14:00 - 15:15

Mentoring – for members, by members

Discover more about the extensive benefits of mentoring for you and your organisation

Mentoring is a great way to support your professional and personal development. The CIH mentoring programme, hosted by PushFar, is designed to support you to identify relevant development opportunities and give you the tools to make impactful connections to help your career soar.

Why attend?

In our next membership session, we’ll be joined by Ed Johnson, CEO and co-founder at PushFar who will give an insight into the benefits of mentoring and an overview of the platform and it’s incredible functionality. Some current CIH mentors and mentees will also be coming along to share their first-hand experience of mentoring and how it’s enhanced their career and professional development.

The session will also provide the opportunity to network with other delegates and ask questions of our guest speakers.

Your speakers:

  • Ed Johnson, CEO and co-founder, Pushfar

  • Brendan Morrissey, assistant director of customer and communities, Clanmil HA

  • Chair: Jill Allcoat, regional manager, CIH


Please see our full terms and conditions before making your booking. 

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