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10 October 2023


Microsoft Teams


10:00 - 11:30

Get involved, share your opinions and bring your best ideas!

Housing prides itself on being a value-based profession but what does this actually mean and how can our profession take a more proactive approach on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace?

CIH president Lara Oyedele’s campaign, In my Shoes, has raised awareness of the importance of racial diversity in the housing sector and what we should be doing to ensure the next generation of housing professionals are representative of the organisations and communities that they serve.

Why attend?

During this session, we’ll hear from a diverse panel of speakers who will explore:

  • Bias in housing recruitment
  • Experiences of young practitioners
  • Measures landlords are taking to be better employers
  • What more needs to be done.
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In my shoes
In my shoes is a CIH presidential campaign, by Lara Oyedele, that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of racial diversity in the housing sector, drawing on Lara’s lived experience of the housing sector and racial adversity.
At the heart of being a housing professional is serving people, meeting their needs. And to do that we as housing professionals and members of CIH need to understand the people and communities we serve.
Shoe Aid
There is a place where thousands of men, women, and children wear footwear that is not fit for purpose. And at least 280,000 homeless people (10,000 living on the streets) have no shoes or shoes that are falling to pieces, and that place is the UK.