Inspired by Raynor Winn’s account of homelessness in her book, The Salt Path, throughout April/May 2022, I’ll be walking the South West Coast path. The Salt Path is lifeaffirming true story, that ultimately looks at the concept of home, how it can be lost, rebuilt and rediscovered in the most unexpected of ways.

Starting on Good Friday 2022, I’ll begin walking the 600+ miles of the trail – my aim is to complete 22 miles a day – and I will be inviting lots of people to get involved to keep me company. I hope to be joined by a variety of individuals who have faced homelessness across the country. I want to hear more about their experience, understand their story and the challenges they faced. People working across the industry will also be coming along, getting involved in the walk to help raise awareness and increase our fundraising activity.

Jo Richardson

Organise your own 22 in 22 activity to fundraise for Homeful

Setting up your own fundraising page as part of the Homeful page couldn’t be easier, all you need to decide is what you going to do to raise money for 22 in 22.

See how far Jo has walked
Step one – decide who’s in your team

You could complete your 22 in 22 challenge individually or band together with a group of friends, family or work colleagues. 

Step two – choose your activity

There are no rules or limits around 22 in 22 – think big or small – whatever suits your interest ability.

Jo is going to be walking for 46 consecutive days during her South West Coast Path adventure, but you could take things a little easier. Why not complete 22 minutes of exercise every day for 22 days? Or do 22 hula hoops? Or walk 22 miles over a 22 day period? Whatever you want to do, make the challenge your own!

The main aim is to get outdoors if you can, connect with other people and have fun – goodness knows we need to after two years of lockdowns.

Step three – create your JustGiving page

On our Homeful JustGiving page, you’ll find an option to create your own team page, so your fundraising total adds to the overall figure for Homeful.  Scroll down the page a little bit, just below the ‘Give Now’ button is a ‘Start Fundraising’ button.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ides, contact

Step four – get fundraising!

Make sure you share your page across social media, with your friends, family and in work #homeful. We want to raise as much money as possible for End Youth Homelessness.

Homeful sponsors
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If you're interested in providing sponsorship for Jo's 22 in 22 walk, as part of the Homeful campaign, we have a number of opportunities to suit a range of budgets.
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