Member Only 13 Dec 2022 | Masterclass

Tackling Damp and Mould

This masterclass looks at the learning from the Housing Ombudsman’s report, and at the use of technology to help identify homes and support households most at risk from damp and mould.

It is clear that the problem with damp and mould is a significant one in the social housing sector.

It has huge impacts on the experiences of tenants and can be difficult to get right. However, it is vital that landlords work with tenants to address the problems where these arise, finding solutions quickly that make a real and lasting difference.

Why watch?

  • Understand the long-term implications of damp and mould, and impacts for tenants’ health and wellbeing

  • Learn from the experiences of other landlords on how to tackle the issue

  • Explore the value of technology to help identify these most at-risk (homes and households)

  • Consider what is needed to provide a rounded solution to the problem – repairs, income maximisation etc. (people and resources).

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