As the professional body for housing, at the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), we exist to support individuals from across the globe to create a future in which everyone has a place to call home.

Our organisation is the home of professional standards and professionalism is at the heart of our member-driven organisation.

Individuals who are part of our incredible membership network are required to uphold the CIH code of conduct to evidence their professionalism and dedication to the sector, in addition to their commitment CIH’s mission, principles and values.

A complementary document ‘Complaints against CIH members’ sets out the guidelines for concerns about
breaches of this code of conduct.

1. Act with integrity and respect

CIH members must:

  • Maintain honest, transparent, fair and lawful business activity with employees, employers, organisations, clients, tenants, other professionals and the public
  • Uphold an exemplary attitude based on professional integrity, respect, empathy and trust
  • Always promote professional principles and values across their organisation and the wider housing profession
  • Apply informed, impartial, and professional judgement and ethical decision-making principles in reaching difficult but responsible decisions
  • Apply ethical business practices, ensuring that their professional duties and conduct are not compromised or influenced by their personal, political, and financial interests, bias or the undue influence of others,
  • Always conduct themselves in accordance with the code, upholding the reputation of the profession and CIH, and disclosing any conflicts that arise to the appropriate authority
  • Ensure that all services provided by them and their organisation are performed in line with the code and in the best interest of the individuals and wider communities they serve
  • Safeguard sensitive, confidential or privileged information entrusted to them as a result of their business activity
  • Role model practices that promote equality of opportunity, diversity, collaboration, inclusion and human rights across their organisation and the wider housing profession
  • Demonstrate sensitivity for the customs, cultures, perspectives and beliefs of others, valuing, recognising and drawing on these in their professional activity
  • Challenge others if they suspect unlawful, inappropriate, offensive, discriminatory or unethical behaviours and attitudes that are inconsistent with the values and mission of CIH, the code, the housing profession and with their own professional values and integrity
  • Report any breaches of the code to CIH.

Integrity Ethical Inclusive

2. Maintain professional competence

CIH members must:

  • Maintain the highest level of professional competence, ensuring they and their colleagues have the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake their duties both now and in the future
  • Seek guidance, advice and support as required and share expertise with others
  • Consistently self-assess their competence and development needs, commit to their reflective learning and professional growth, and comply with any CIH requirements and guidance on continuing professional development and professional practice
  • Pioneer customer service, demonstrate flexibility and adaptability, solve problems creatively and embrace the opportunities presented by change, to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services provided
  • Hold the appropriate levels of insurance for the work and duties they undertake

Skilled Knowledgeable 

3. Be responsible and accountable

CIH members must:

  • Recognise and take ownership of their actions and mistakes, learning from them and striving to rectify
  • Recognise the social and environmental impact of their work
  • Conduct themselves in a way that upholds the values and reputation of the profession and CIH by driving positive outcomes and maximising the impact they make on the individuals and communities they serve, actively supporting and influencing others to follow suit
  • Act as an ambassador for the wider profession by championing, role-modelling and promoting exemplary ethical conduct
  • Recognise and value the impact of their behaviour on the broader sector
  • Pursue opportunities to embrace innovation and vision
  • Enhance the reputation, public pride and sense of community of the housing profession by modelling a clear set of values and social purpose that align with the code and CIH professional standards.

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Professional standards self-assessment tool

The CIH professional standards build on seven characteristics to enable you to think about your professional development needs and how you can contribute to the professionalism of your organisation and the wider sector.

Complete our self-assessment to see how you compare and get a personalised report on your own professional profile.

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