Our voluntary groups

The various voluntary groups across CIH are an integral piece of our organisation's puzzle. They help us to improve our services, develop relevant content, training, and products, as well as strengthen our voice in the housing profession.

You can find out more about our voluntary groups below. Join one today to help us continue to create a future where everyone has a place to call home.

Member champion network

If you're an existing member and want to get more involved, joining our member champion network could be just what you’re looking for.

Our national network of CIH member champions work in a range of housing organisations throughout the UK. They increase awareness of everything we do - from discussing the benefits of membership and the importance of professionalism, to taking part in our key influencing work.

We want members to join this group who are outgoing, have excellent communication skills and a real passion for the housing sector. This is your opportunity to share important housing-related content with your organisation and networks, as well as spread the word about our work and membership.

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CIH Futures

The housing sector needs more professionals. CIH Futures is a group of younger housing professionals who have been recruited to help us attract and retain new members. Their aim is to ensure that both CIH and the housing sector has a viable future, and reflects society as a whole.

This includes working with CIH to:

  • Develop new benefits for CIH members
  • Raise the profile of housing as a career option
  • Promote the benefits of professionalism and of joining a professional body
  • Encourage employers to value professionals and to invest in talented people.

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Become a regional group member

Regional groups are responsible for helping us deliver the best member experience and value in their local area. You will help steer local member activity, gathering feedback from members to assist us in enhancing member value and champion professionalism across your networks.

Being a member of your regional group will allow you to get involved with like-minded professionals and make a difference to housing in your area. You'll be involved in hosting local events to support and upskill housing professionals in your area, in turn providing you with an opportunity to network with peers across the sector.

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This programme is designed to support you to explore your career possibilities and identify relevant development opportunities. You will get guidance from a qualified and experienced colleague from the housing sector.

We currently have mentees and mentors from all over the world. We encourage full use of virtual communication wherever possible. You will be provided with guidance and support on how to maximise a virtual mentoring partnership.

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Opinion panel
We need your feedback on any latest developments in housing by telling us what you think through our short surveys.
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Become a CIH member today and get access to resources to help you through your housing journey.