What is the housing sector? Why is it in the spotlight? And why should you get involved?

In this podcast series, CIH Futures chat with industry experts to introduce and explore key topics and issues facing the housing sector today.

Episode one: Housing as a career of choice

In this podcast, we explore how to make housing a career of choice, highlighting the diverse options and roles available in the industry.

CIH Futures board member Ryan Barclay is joined by Michaela McCusker (workforce development assistant manager at Northern Ireland Housing Executive), Carlie Dunbar (housing apprentice at South Liverpool Homes), and Louise Moules (director of operations & membership at Scottish Federation of Housing Associations). Listen below:

Learn more about CIH Futures

CIH Futures is a group of younger housing professionals who have been recruited to help us attract and retain new members. Their aim is to ensure that both CIH and the housing sector has a viable future, and reflects society as a whole.

This includes working with CIH to:

  • Develop new benefits for CIH members
  • Raise the profile of housing as a career option
  • Promote the benefits of professionalism and of joining a professional body
  • Encourage employers to value professionals and to invest in talented people.

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