07 Feb 2024

Join me around the campfire at the Scottish Housing Festival

I’m not going to lie. It is six years since I last attended the Scottish Housing Festival and it’s taken me that long to recover from Edinburgh in the grip of ‘the beast from the east’. Oh, and Evie Copeland inadvertently (so she says) opening a can of Irn Bru in my face on the Fringe! I reckon I’m over all that now and am delighted to be returning to Glasgow for this year’s festival and to have the wonderful opportunity to facilitate discussions around the festival campfire.

The campfire hosts the more informal part of the festival and is the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the issues facing communities and the housing professionals working within them. The campfire is about listening and sharing, sitting with an open mind and with the possibility of change. We have a myriad of different sessions covering diversity in the housing sector, homelessness, the role of the modern housing officer and rural and island housing.

We have speakers who will share their thoughts and experiences but their role is to spark the discussions: these sessions are participative and we hope as many people as possible will join in.

The Housing Festival is free for all CIH members. It is a great opportunity to learn as well as to network with fellow professionals. It’s open to members wherever you are, as well as being of interest to people living and working in Scotland it is also a fabulous opportunity for members in different countries to learn from the best of what is happening north of the border.

I’m looking forward to catching up with many of our members, not least my successor as CIH President the legendary Jim Strang. Why not come and join us, the long-range weather forecast is looking  good and it will be lovely and warm around the campfire.

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Alison Inman is a past president of CIH and a board member of Saffron Housing Trust, Tpas England, and Housing Diversity Network.