27 Sep 2023

Spotlight - Meet our members: Brodie Reilly

Image of Brodie Reilly, apprentice at NB Housing

Discover more about the members of CIH Futures Northern Ireland. Today, we're sitting down with Brodie Reilly, apprentice at NB Housing.

Why did you decide on a career in housing?

I found an advert online for the apprenticeship, and when I researched it and the housing sector I was very interested. It stood out to me as it was an opportunity to help and support people through difficult situations. What also enticed me was how many different career possibilities that were in housing.

How did you start your career in housing?

I started at the beginning of 2023, after applying for the apprenticeship in August of 2022. The official studies began in September of this year, giving me in total seven months to familiarize myself with housing. In that time I have worked with all aspects of housing, this includes maintenance, development, corporate services and general housing services. Currently, I am working with my associations housing team, answering queries and giving advice to tenants.

What do you love about your job?

I love how different every day is, as it allows me to have diversity in my work and feel more satisfied with my day. Helping tenants with difficult situations such as financial issues, disputes with neighbours and offering support services through knowledge I have obtained whilst working in housing, which allows them to be able to help themselves and gives me the motivation to continue gaining a wider grasp on housing as a whole.

What has been your most memorable experience working in housing and why was it so special?

My most memorable experience in housing would be within my first few weeks, a lady needed help as her boiler had broken and she had no hot water or heating over the weekend. Being able to help her through the knowledge I had gained in the first few weeks was a big boost in my confidence at the beginning of my career.