27 Sep 2023

Spotlight - Meet our members: Kerryann McGouran

Image of Kerryann McGouran, reception and administration at Ark Housing Association

Discover more about the members of CIH Futures Northern Ireland. Today, we're sitting down with Kerryann McGouran, reception and administration at Ark Housing Association.

How did you start your career in housing?

I initially applied for the position because I had seen it advertised on a website, I had zero experience in social housing but it seemed interesting and I decided to just go for it. I know this is the same for countless others in the housing industry. However, I am glad that I did and it has opened a whole new career path for myself. I have discovered that I am interested in some areas more than others and I find that my current role is exciting and challenging while still having room for expansion and growth.

What do you love about your job?

I spend a massive portion of my day on the phone with tenants, no two days are the same and that is what I enjoy about it. I love interacting with them, listening to their stories and helping them to resolve any issues. My position has allowed me to learn information about all the sectors in social housing which means I can help with most queries I come across.

What has been your most memorable experience working in housing and why was it so special?

During covid, I called each tenant to see how they were handling the pandemic and to enquire about what help they needed if any. It was interesting and at times challenging to hear each and everyone’s different circumstances and experiences. We were able to get food packages and support to those who needed it most. It was nice to let people know that they were not on their own and that we were all in this together and I try to incorporate this attitude into my work to this day.