Although this section may seem vast with three large topics in one library, the similarities in outcomes between equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), data, digital and the accessibility of our services all work together to make us a more inclusive sector.

It starts with data, ensuring that we know who our customers are, moves forward with EDI, making sure we are inclusive in what we do and the services we provide despite the differences in our customer bases, and then finally comes digital services and accessibility - making sure that the way we are talking to those customers is inclusive and useable by all.

Equality, diversity and inclusion is an important factor in everything you do. Read how you can influence change.
Data is an important factor so that we understand our customers. There's a lot of governance needed to comply.
Digital accessibility
For better inclusion, regulations ensure that all communications and services are accessible, not matter of ability.
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Good practice
Read how organisations are improving their inclusiveness and accessibility by reading the examples in our library.

Case Study

Johnnie Johnson have done some great work on their 'Customer First' digital transformation strategy. They told us about their approach.

Read the case study here

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