Housing providers have a key role in working with residents to help alleviate financial hardship. Eviction should be a last resort with proactive support provided before any legal route is explored. The costs involved in ending tenancies due to arrears can usually be avoided with upfront support for tenants. This is also the more ethical approach to ensuring that no one affected by the cost-of-living crisis loses their home due to rising bills and expenses that cannot be avoided.

There are lots of approaches being used across different housing providers that can help tenants keep their tenancies, such as budget planning, benefit searches, and energy and utilities financial wellbeing. You can read more about these approaches in our content library below.

Universal credit
This information will help you understand the regulations relating to UC and ways to support tenants.
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Income management
Effective income management is key to any sustainable organisation, which the biggest part is rental income collection.
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Cost of living
The cost of living crisis is having a huge effect across society, with social housing tenants some of the hardest hit.
Social welfare
Learn more about Ireland's social welfare system and how tenants can apply for their entitlements.
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Good practice
Read how other organisations are tackling UC applications and support for tenants in our examples library.

Case Study

Read how Aspire Housing have been finding new ways to help tackle the cost of living crisis among their tenants.

Read the case study here

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