There is so much that goes into tenancy management that this library covers everything from housing management to safeguarding and community support.  Whether you are a Housing officer looking for regulatory information on a tenancy issue or a housing provider on the hunt for new ideas on how to better support your tenants with wider issues, this library will hopefully have something to support you in your role.

Some housing providers offer basic tenancy management services, from lettings through to ending a tenancy whether by choice of the tenant, or by eviction due to illegal activity. Many others have already found the link between offering additional support and the longer-term cost savings that this brings a business due to sustaining healthy tenancies. Mental health is a huge factor in modern years for many issues and providers are looking to new ways of helping tenants by building partnerships with local support.

Managing tenancies
In this section, you will understand the tenancy process and the rights and responsibilities of all parties.
Anti-social behaviour
This section will help you understand the legal framework and intervention work for ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour).
Helping you ensure that tenants and their family who need care or support are protected from abuse and neglect.
Domestic abuse
The information will help you tackle domestic abuse and sets out the legal options available for support.

Case Study

See how Thirteen Group created their Support to Stay (STS) service which supports tenants to identify their issues and focus on finding solutions.

Read the case study here

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