Nothing is more important as a housing provider than your tenants. Their feedback is vital in helping the industry improve standards, policy and the living conditions in our communities. Tenants give a voice to those who may not have someone to speak up for them and can be a fantastic resource in helping housing providers to shout about causes that they cannot fund or staff.

The Tenants Satisfaction Measures and new complaints code puts the onus on providers to listen to their tenants, whether good or bad feedback. A chance to hear about how residents are feeling, possibly a chance to celebrate good work and compliments, as well as dealing with service improvements when hearing that things aren’t as good as they should be. These measures will also be a way of benchmarking our sector to find out where our core services are lacking and where others can be celebrated.

Tenant participation
By involving tenants in decision-making processes, providers can make residents feel heard and connected.
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Tenant engagement
Relationship building is as important as garnering participation with tenants, here's some informal engagement ideas.
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Tenant satisfaction
Here’s what you need to know about gaining feedback from your tenants with the new measures from the regulator.
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Feedback from tenants is vital to be able to improve services. We’ve put together a guide on how processes should run.
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NI service directory
Need to find a support service to help your tenants? This list may help find those available in Northern Ireland.
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England service directory
Need to find a support service to help your tenants? This list may help find those available in England.
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Good practice
Read how other organisations are better engaging with tenants and residents in our examples library.

Case Study

West Lothian customer centric approach to housing is a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their tenant engagement.

Read the case study here

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