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Our membership offering is designed to support you as a housing professional. The benefits promote career development and uphold our professional standards, whilst also offering opportunity to expand your professional network and exclusive discounts and savings.

How we support you

  • Access up to date information and best practice in the housing sector
  • Direct access to our mentoring scheme, bringing together members from across the housing sector
  • Access to free events and webinars
  • Access online training and a wide array of digital resources such as career development tools and resources
  • Access the Knowledge Hub, broken down by specialist areas, led by our member, their organisations, and supported by us.

If you are a CIH member living in Ireland, you can find more information about your membership benefits here.

Exclusive savings for CIH members

CIH members enjoy an array of savings on sector resources and events as part of their CIH membership. Members attend CIH events for free* saving hundreds of pounds on conference and webinar fees.

As well as this, Housing Today, a leading sector publication is delivered to your email inbox for free every day, week or month which gives members access to breaking news, insights and analysis in the sector. Members also benefit from other savings and discounts which you can see more about below.

*Due to the specific way these events are hosted, we are unable to include live award ceremonies as part of the offer.

Member-exclusive events and webinars

Events are now member-exclusive as part of your membership fee, meaning you can attend all our events for free.*

Our events cover various topics, ranging from practical housing management, high-level policy discussions to webinars designed to support your professional development. 

Benefits of attending events:

  • Gain valuable knowledge from thought leaders while never leaving the comfort of your home
  • Attending events allows you to grow, learn and jump your career to new heights
  • Make valuable connections with fellow professionals bonding with industry peers
  • Feel inspired by our talented speakers and boost your creativity
  • Find solutions to problems and get the opportunity to ask speakers questions about your work.

*Due to the specific way these events are hosted, we are unable to include live award ceremonies as part of the offer.

Full access to Housing Today

If you’re a fully paid member, you will now get full access to Housing Today as part of your membership.

  • Keep up to date with all the latest news, insight, comment and analysis through the Housing Today website
  • Receive news blasts directly to your inbox
  • Access to the Housing Today Boardroom platform, a data product providing quarterly insight and sentiment from housing development directors
  • Receive a 20 per cent discount on Building Magazine subscriptions.
TOTUM PRO discount card

Save over £500 a year through the TOTUM PRO discount card and access a wealth of savings, offers, and vouchers on your everyday essentials.

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Discounted membership to the Institute of Leadership (IoL)

Grow your leadership potential within the housing sector with a discounted membership to the IoL - exclusive to CIH members.

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Nazia Azad-Warren CIHM  |  Tenant engagement lead, Cadwyn Housing Association

Having access to all the fantastic events is amazing! It's so important to connect with colleagues in the sector. The events are a great way to meet people, celebrate successes and learn from one another.

Insights and resources for housing professionals

Gain exclusive access to our extensive library, with latest insights, in-depth case studies and resources to enhance your knowledge.

Stay up to date with the latest policy and industry updates, ensuring you're informed about developments and changes shaping the housing sector.

Members also get access to our comprehensive research publications and briefings, offering insights, practical advice, and best practices to keep you up to date with industry standards and innovations.

Explore the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is designed to support you in your job by giving you access to various topics, ranging from practical housing management, high-level policy discussions, real-life case studies, and more.

Using the Knowledge Hub will develop your understanding of what you need to know to deliver excellent housing services.

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CIH publications library

Our publications focus on the latest policy topics and practical advice that you need to do your job. CIH members can access all our publication documents for free, please ensure you are logged into the website.

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Regular member-only newsletters

All members will receive our fortnightly Housing Matters newsletter to ensure you’re kept in the loop with all things CIH as well as what is going on in the wider sector. Get all the latest about upcoming events and member-only blogs and reports.

As well as this Unlocked is our fortnightly housing publication crafted exclusively for CIH members. Our goal with Unlocked is to ensure all members benefit from actionable insight and the best of best practice, with each issue containing a wealth of engaging and informative material aimed at helping you become the best housing professional possible.

Watch past webinars and recordings

Our recordings cover various topics, from practical housing management and high level policy discussions to events designed to support your professional development.

All recordings are free for all CIH members, log in and listen or watch from anywhere.

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The UK Housing Review

The UK Housing Review is a crucial resource for housing professionals, leaders, and policymakers across the UK's public and private housing sectors.

The Review, published annually, brings together the most important housing statistics for England (and its regions), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and is now available for all CIH members to download for free as part of your membership.

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Develop your career

A career in housing is one of the most rewarding careers to pursue, you just have to ask anyone in housing for why they work in the sector.

As a CIH member you will have access to a range of career development opportunities to help you push forward with your career.

CIH offers a free mentoring programme to help develop your knowledge both as a mentee or a mentor, career development tools, training courses, and self assessments to test your skills and knowledge gaps.

Mentoring programme

Mentoring is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways in which you can develop.

Through the mentoring partnership, you'll be able to set goals and objectives, develop your career, build confidence, learn new skills and build strong relationships with other professionals.

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CIH professional standards

Our self-assessment tool is built around the seven professional standard's characteristics and is relevant for everyone who works in housing, whatever your role.

Designed to help you reflect on your career journey, identify key strengths, and highlight a clear path for further development.

CIH members get access to the full version of the tool, which provides you with a detailed progress report and unlocks tailored resources specific to your requirements.

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Career resources

Get easy access to a wealth of career development tools and resources, to support you at different stages of your career.

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Training courses

Our training programme is designed to ensure housing professionals and organisations are equipped to overcome day to day challenges. They cover the latest topics and content, updated by our policy and practice experts.

Delivered by expert trainers in a friendly and stimulating environment, our courses bring together formal training with the sharing of best practice.

CIH members receive a discount off our training course fees.

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Join a thriving community

The various groups across CIH are an integral piece of our organisation's puzzle. They help us to improve our services, develop relevant content, training and products, as well as strengthen our voice in the housing profession.

You can find out more about our voluntary groups below. Get involved and help us continue to create a future where everyone has a place to call home.

Member opinion panels

Our CIH member opinion panels give the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas around housing-related issues from across the UK. You’ll be joining over 500 other housing professionals influencing CIH’s policy work.

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Member champion network

Our national network of CIH member champions work in a range of housing organisations throughout the UK. They increase awareness of everything we do - from discussing the benefits of membership and the importance of professionalism, to taking part in our key influencing work.

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CIH Futures

The housing sector needs more professionals. CIH Futures is a group of younger housing professionals who have been recruited to help us attract and retain new members. Their aim is to ensure that both CIH and the housing sector has a viable future, and reflects society as a whole.

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Regional groups

Regional groups are responsible for helping us deliver the best member experience and value in their local area. You will help steer local member activity, gathering feedback from members to assist us in enhancing member value and champion professionalism across your networks.

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Become a member today

Are you ready to join the UK’s biggest housing professional network and get access to our member-exclusive events, resources and support to help you through your housing journey?

Follow the link below and select your membership grade from the options on the page and continue to apply online. Your application is subject to approval and our membership team will contact you once it has been reviewed.

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Alternatively you can call us on 024 7685 1700 and complete your membership application over the phone.

If you are having difficulties applying for your membership online, please visit the help page or give us a call.