These chapters will help you understand the key drivers for homelessness and the importance of early intervention and prevention work by working with partners and diversifying your outreach support.

The concept of homelessness is wide-ranging, but in terms of the law, it can range from those without a roof to people without a suitable, stable and secure place to live. People who are experiencing problems with their housing may take action in several ways, including resolving the problem without any assistance, by seeking support via a voluntary provision or by seeking support from a local authority.

What is homelessness
Homelessness can range from those without a roof to people without a suitable, stable and secure place to live.
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Rough sleeping
Statistics show rough sleeping has been rising but concerns that counts do not fully reflect the extent of the problem.
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Homelessness law
Discover more about the legal framework surrounding homelessness across the UK and Republic of Ireland.
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Read more on the legislation applicable for homelessness services and providers of support.
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There are a number of factors and legal frameworks to consider when individuals are applying for assistance. 
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Priority need
All eligible persons who are homeless or threatened with homelessness are entitled to help whether or not they are in priority need.
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Local connection
Explore when homelessness cases can be referred to another local authority and when not to do so.
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Assessments and PHP's
Information around identifying and helping to develop personalised housing plans (PHPs) for individuals.
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Prevention and relief
Identifying practical steps to help individuals retain or secure suitable accommodation to prevent a rise in homelessness.
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Intentionally homeless
Determining if someone is intentionally homeless requires a careful and considered approach to support.
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Suitable accommodation
Any accommodation secured by an authority in the exercise of its housing functions under part 7 of the Housing Act 1996 must be suitable.
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Good practice
Read how other organisations are tackling domestic abuse and support for tenants in our examples library.

Case Study

The People's Gateway was a multi-agency initiative to help families avoid a financial crisis and homelessness.

Read the case study here

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