The CIH’s annual publication is packed with statistics and analysis about housing, households and welfare benefits across the UK and internationally.

The UK Housing Review is a crucial resource for housing professionals, leaders, and policymakers across the UK's public and private housing sectors. The Review, published annually, brings together the most important housing statistics for England (and its regions), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – and is now available for all CIH members to download for free as part of your membership.

Benefits of UK Housing Review
Clear insight into the current housing landscape

The Review’s commentary and contemporary chapters feature a wealth of in-depth analysis, helping paint a clear picture of housing across the UK. It is authored by experts from the sector and beyond; it features over 200 charts and tables for those who need information about housing policy and finance.

An opportunity to learn

We all know how important it is to learn and grow as a housing professional. The UK Housing Review is the ultimate what you need to know – bringing together different voices, thinking and analysis to help your thinking evolve.

Relevant for all professionals across the industry

Regardless of your role, tenure or specialism, the UK Housing Review will have something for you.

  • Discover the policy and statistical analysis, latest developments, and critical information on your speciality area for housing professionals.
  • For policy and research colleagues – explore the essential data you need for preparing reports, research and recommendations with the most up-to-date facts, figures and findings.
  • For senior managers, CEOs, board members – build your understanding of the current housing landscape to help you make important decisions for your organisation. Your tenants and customers fit for now and the future.
31 years of evidence and housing policy

2023 sees the publication of the thirty first UK Housing Review. A contemporary housing bible the 2023 edition references key milestones and developments, helping you understand the direction of travel for our housing sector, the current context we live in, and what we should do to create a better future.

Pick the parts that are relevant to you

The UK Housing Review is a considerable publication, and we know not everyone will want to read every word printed. You may pick one or two chapters to digest that is relevant to you, or, if you’re a bit more of a research-bod, you might spend some time unpicking each of the sections. Whatever you choose, the content is there for you to use as and when you feel you need it.

Andrew Wells  |  Board member, Catalyst Homes Ltd

The UK Housing Review is a goldmine for everyone interested in housing policy in the UK. It brings all the latest data together in one place and adds top class commentary and analysis. A truly excellent resource for housing professionals.

Executive summary
Take a look at some of the key headlines in the 2023 edition of the UK Housing Review.
UK Housing Review
The UK Housing Review website has extracts from each edition of the Review and all of the tables and is updated twice yearly.
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