05 Dec 2022 | Health

Housing must be reflected in the national dementia strategy

Responding to the Scottish Government consultation on a new national dementia strategy, CIH Scotland highlights the contribution the housing sector makes in supporting people living with dementia.

01 Dec 2022 | Tenants and residents

A patchwork of provision

CIH summarises and responds to the recently released Domestic Abuse Commissioner's report, a patchwork of provision, examining how to meet the needs of victims and survivors across England and Wales.

23 Nov 2022 | Homelessness

CIH respond to latest ONS homelessness statistics

CIH evaluate the latest statistics released by ONS relating to deaths recorded for those registered as experiencing homelessness at their time of death.

21 Nov 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Tenants and residents

CIH responds to Homelessness Amongst Black and Minoritised Ethnic Communities in the UK by Heriot Watt University 

The figures highlighted in this report are disappointing and once again, highlight how much more work we, across the housing sector must do to tackle systemic racial inequality and discrimination.

18 Nov 2022 | About CIH | Building safety and housing management

Chartered Institute of Housing’s Welsh Housing Awards 2022 winners announced

Download the Good Practice Compendium to discover the best of the Welsh housing sector and find out more about this year's shortlist and winners.

17 Nov 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Cost of living | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

CIH response to the Autumn Statement announcement on social rent cap for 2023

CIH address the difficult balancing act of rising rents, tenant affordability and investment in social housing in response to today's rent cap announcement.

17 Nov 2022

CIH responds to Autumn Statement

Gavin Smart, CIH chief executive, provides his analysis on how today's Autumn Statement impacts the housing sector.

16 Nov 2022

CIH Cymru response to Welsh government announcement on social rent settlement

Matt Dicks, Director of CIH Cymru responds to the Welsh government's announcement of a 6.5 per cent rent settlement for social lands in Wales from April 2023.

16 Nov 2022

CIH statement on the death of Awaab Ishak

CIH respond to the coroner's finding that Awaab Ishak died as a result of damp and mould in his home.

14 Nov 2022 | Building new homes | Building safety and housing management | Planning | Tenants and residents

Planners integral to meeting the needs of England’s ageing population

New report by RTPI and CIH provides best practice advice to improve the delivery of housing for older people

08 Nov 2022 | Cost of living | Health | Homelessness

Lack of affordable housing and the cost of living crisis is leaving domestic abuse survivors vulnerable, despite recent Government reforms, says latest Solace report

Solace Women’s Aid have recently released a new report which shows that the number of people made homeless by domestic abuse in the last year (April 2021 to March 2022) has increased

02 Nov 2022 | Cost of living | Homelessness

Latest figures show worrying increase in people sleeping rough for the first time

CIH respond to latest CHAIN report showing an increase in homelessness figures and call on government to take urgent action

01 Nov 2022

UK Housing Review autumn briefing paper shows more than half of “first-time” buyers are actually previous owners

Find all the latest analysis and updates on the pressing housing topics of the moment in the UK Housing Review 2022 autumn briefing paper published today – a UK housing sector must read document.

01 Nov 2022 | About CIH | Affordability and benefits | Homelessness

University of Glasgow housing student wins CIH Malcolm Smith Award

Nicky Imrie has received a prestigious award for her work outlining the importance of homelessness and help with housing costs as key drivers for UK housing policy change.

31 Oct 2022 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability | Regulation and legal

CIH Scotland calls for more support to deliver homes in remote and rural areas

CIH Scotland has welcomed new measures which increase transparency over land ownership and use, but has raised concerns over how easy it will be for some to take advantage of these new rights.

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