21 Apr 2023

Briefing on antisocial behaviour and domestic abuse

As a member of the National Housing & Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group led by the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) we have co-signed a national group briefing on anti social behaviour (ASB) and domestic abuse (DA).

The briefing is a response to the government’s ASB Action Plan and forthcoming Renter’s Reform Bill, highlighting that when domestic abuse is (frequently) misidentified as antisocial behaviour domestic abuse survivors are placed at risk of harm, homelessness, and isolation from support. The briefing lays out how government can safeguard domestic abuse survivors when addressing anti-social behaviour.

Hannah Keilloh, CIH policy and practice officer commented:

“Where domestic abuse is misclassified as nuisance or anti social behaviour, critical opportunities are missed to provide safety options and support for survivors. It is critical that all agencies involved in responding to issues of ASB have the appropriate tools to recognise where an anti-social behaviour complaint is, in fact, domestic abuse.

"CIH are proud to be part of the National Housing and Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group, and we urge government and parliamentarians to carefully consider the recommendations in this briefing in their current and future debates on ASB and Renters Reform”

To find out more on this topic please read CIH's response to the ASB Action Plan and our member-exclusive what you need to know guide