05 Feb 2024

CIH All-Ireland Housing Awards 2024 shortlist announced

We are delighted to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 2024 All-Ireland Housing Awards, which is due to take place at the Round Room at The Mansion House, Dublin on 14 March 2024.

The All-Ireland Housing Awards is an opportunity for us to come together with you and your teams to celebrate the creativity, passion and innovation of individuals, organisations and projects that have helped tenants, customers, and communities throughout the year.

The shortlisted entries are as follows:
Best housing development
  • Setting new standards in housing for older people – Alpha Housing
  • Ogle Street – Ark Housing
  • Lanestown View, Donabate – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Belfast’s Brookfield Mill has a new lease of life – Clanmil Housing Association
  • 208 A-rated social rented homes at Kilruddery Glen, Bray – Co-operative Housing Ireland, with partners Lioncor Developments and Wicklow County Council
  • New Dolphin Park – Fold Housing
  • Modern city living at Old City Crescent, Londonderry – Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster)
  • Creevagh Heights & Sean Dolan’s GAA club house – Radius Housing
Excellence in communications
  • Inspiring Women in Leadership - Celebrating International Women's Day – Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Comms Forum – NIFHA
Excellence in tenant financial wellbeing
  • A holistic approach to financial wellbeing – Apex Housing Association
  • Partnership project – Circle Voluntary Housing Association, with partners Irish League of Credit Unions, Ballyfermot Inchicore Credit Union and the Social Finance Foundation
  • Killarney – “Mind the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” – Clann Housing, with partners Bill Genie, ALONE, Sage Advocacy
  • Cost saving tips and tricks – Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Improving lives with financial support - Welfare Advice Service – Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster)
  • Community Investment Network: Cost of living guide for tenants – Housing Association Charitable Trust, with partners NIFHA, Housing Executive, Ark Housing, Apex, Choice, Connswater, Habinteg, Rural Housing Association, Radius, Woodvale & Shankill, Triangle, Clanmil, Grove NB Housing, SupportIng Communities, Age NI
  • Financial Inclusion project team – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Excellence in health and wellbeing
  • Omagh Magic Basketball Team – Apex Housing Association
  • Working together to promote healthy lifestyles – Clanmil Housing Association, with partners Cancer Focus
  • Ageless Clann – Nurturing wellbeing and tackling health inequalities for older residents and their communities – Clann Housing, with partners ALONE, Alzheimer’s Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis Ireland, HSE – Public Health Nurses & Occupational Therapists, Focus Ireland, Irish Cancer Society, Local Authorities across the country
  • It Takes A Village To Raise A Child – Irish Wheelchair Association
  • MIND (Mentoring, Interventions; Nurturing, Development) – Northern Ireland Alternatives, with partners Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • "Your Health is Your Wealth" Initiative – Oaklee Housing, with partners Irish Heart Foundation, local GAA and sports clubs, City of Dublin Education and Training Board, St. Johns of Gods, Mental Health Ireland, One Family, Money and Budgeting Services (MABS), Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces and Slaintecare
  • Brain Health Village – Respond, with partners Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI)
Excellence in housing innovation
  • Floating Support Service – Ark Housing
  • Foundation – Choice Housing Ireland, with partners Rio Ferdinand Foundation
  • Quality in our diversity coordinating group – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Over 55s – Co-Ownership
  • Main St, Randalstown – Rural Housing Association, with partners Daly Renewables, GM Design Associates, Bell Contracts
  • Creating homes – Simon Community NI
  • Springville House 'Rightsize' Development – Tuath Housing Association, with partners Cork City Council
  • Josephs, Manor Hill, Waterford – Waterford City and County Council.
More than bricks and mortar
  • Stock Transfer – Choice Housing Ireland
  • Tenant to Board Pathway – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Killarney – Clann Housing
  • Empowering tenant engagement in Dungannon with the Tenant’s Regional Panel - Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster)
  • Bringing Spring to Springbank - Springbank Drive Community Greenspace – Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster)
  • Creative Community Art Project – Radius Housing Association, with partners Belfast City Council SEUPB Peace IV Team
  • "Embracing Community: The Enduring Legacy of Iveagh Trust's Kevin Street Estate" – The Iveagh Trust
Promoting shared and inclusive communities      
  • Northern Lights – a celebration of NI culture – Apex Housing Association, with partners Department for Communities, NI Housing Executive, Radius Housing, Community Relations Council and 10 other housing associations (for Belfast concert)
  • Community FUNd Newtownards – Ark Housing
  • Listen Up – Choice Housing, with partners Ark Housing, All Lives are Precious
  • Clanmil and Partisan Productions bring housing to the stage with Shared – Clanmil Housing Association with partners Partisan Productions
  • Celebrating Neighbours and Diversity – Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Bringing people together through Culture Calendar 2023 - Habinteg Housing Association (Ulster)
  • Scribblestown - Promoting Shared & Inclusive Communities – Oaklee Housing, with partners Oaklee Scribblestown Tenants, City of Dublin’s Education and Training Board
  • Stella Maris Star of the Sea Artwork Regeneration Project – Radius Housing, with partners Stella Maris
Working in partnership
  • More than Mowers! – Alpha Housing, with partners The Turnaround Project
  • Public Private Partnership – Comhar Housing, with partners Choice Housing and Oaklee
  • A Partnership Approach to Nurturing the Next Generation of Housing Professionals – NI Housing Associations and NIHE, with partners North West Regional College and Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Housing Disability Steering Group (HDSG): Mental Health Subgroup – Galway County Council Housing with partners HSE Community Healthcare West Mental Health Services
  • House to Home - Habitat for Humanity Ireland with partners Greenview Group and MACS
  • Safe Houses Offaly – Oaklee Housing, with partners Offaly Domestic Violence Support Services and Offaly County Council
  • Housing First for Youth – Simon Community NI
  • Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (BOTP) Rapid Build Program – Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, with partners Office of Public Works, Tuath Housing Association, John Sisk & Son, United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) - Ireland, Depaul Ireland
Net zero in housing
  • TBA announced on the night
Housing team of the year
  • Ark Housing – Ark Housing
  • Services Department – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Development Team – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Housing Services and Asset Management and Property services teams – Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Rachel Dingle, Ruth McCrohan, Paul Doyle – Crosscare/CLAN
  • Emma Geddis – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Housing Solutions Team - Aisling Devine Service Manager – Simon Community NI
Outstanding contribution to housing
  • Jim McShane – Ark Housing
  • Paul Leonard – Choice Housing Ireland
  • Chris Ellison – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Erskine Holmes OBE – Grove Community Housing Association
  • Ciara Scollay – MACS Supporting Children and Young People
  • Elaine MacNeill – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Jim Dennison – Simon Community NI
Young professional of the year
  • Kerryann McGouran – Ark Housing
  • Adam Gannon – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Alisha Curtis – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Eoghan Cregan – Co-operative Housing Ireland
  • Conor McManus – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Kirsty McCauley – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Matthew Hamilton – Radius Housing
  • Tiarnan Spain – Tuath Housing
Best housing story
  • Greater Shantallow Area Partnership & the Skeoge Community – Apex Housing Association
  • Sheena McAuley – Ark Housing
  • Gordon Robinson – Choice Housing Ireland
  • Lorraine Gorman – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Michelle McGoldrick – Belmayne Community Group
  • Tony Reilly – MACS Supporting Children and Young People
  • Blair Anderson – Northern Ireland Youth Forum
  • Davy Faulkner and Alex Pelan – Simon Community NI
Housing hero
  • Andrea Donnan – East Belfast Mission
  • Mary Osakwe – Balbriggan Residents Association
  • Teresa McCloskey – Apex Housing Association
  • Martin Murphy – Ark Housing
  • David Kortukohun – Circle Voluntary Housing Association
  • Paul Stuart – Grove Community Housing Association
  • Bronagh Magorrian – Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Kelan McClelland – Simon Community NI
  • James O'Neill – Tuath Housing Association / An Garrán Resident's Association.

Commenting on the shortlist and awards CIH Northern Ireland director, Justin Cartwright and CIH Ireland membership development manager, Caroline Moloney said:

"We are thrilled to announce the shortlist for this year's housing awards, where we celebrate and recognise outstanding achievements in the world of housing. The number and calibre of nominations this year has been exceptional, showcasing innovative approaches, dedication to community well-being and a commitment to excellence in housing services.

“Congratulations to all the deserving nominees who have demonstrated good practice. We look forward to an inspiring event in Dublin that highlights the positive impact of your work on individuals and communities across the island of Ireland. Well done to everyone on the shortlist – your contributions are truly commendable.”

All shortlisted entries for the All-Ireland Housing Awards will be included in our 2024 Good Practice Compendium which will be released after the event. The Compendium is not only a core learning document but serves as an inspiration to us all to deliver on our shared vision of supporting housing professionals to create a future where everyone has a place to call home.

If you're interested in attending the All-Ireland Housing Awards, you can find out more on our dedicated event page.