13 Dec 2022

CIH joins the End Child Poverty Coalition

Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) have become a member of End Child Poverty Coalition. The coalition is a group of over 80 organisations working together with a shared vision of ending child poverty in the UK.

Founded in 2003, the coalition works to inform the public about the causes and effects of child poverty, to forge commitment between and across the public, private and voluntary sectors to end child poverty, and to promote the case for ending child poverty with government. It has never been more vital that as housing professionals we work together, with other organisations, to do all we can in this area.

In 2020/21, statistics showed that around 3.6 million children (nearly eight in every class of 30 children) were living in the poverty in the UK. This was before the full impact of the cost of living crisis took hold; even more children will now be living in poverty, with the threat of having the safety net of the place they called home pulled out from under them. Research shows that almost 76,000 children in London live in temporary accommodation which is often unsuitable for the needs of families.

CIH’s November cost of living briefing highlights the impact of the cost of living crisis on families and children.