23 Jan 2024

CIH respond to the Housing Ombudsman's Spotlight Report

The Housing Ombudsman has used its latest Spotlight report on attitudes, respect and rights to make several recommendations for landlords and policy makers. 

CIH have responded to the report, commenting:

"As we set out in our Homes at the Heart strategy, housing should provide a foundation for life, but many people face huge challenges accessing and maintaining an affordable, decent home that meets their needs. Today’s report from the Housing Ombudsman highlights the important role that social housing can and should play, as well as the many challenges to be addressed. It also identifies the important connection between health and housing, as we explored in our recent report on Building blocks for life: how to develop effective health and housing partnerships."

"The Better Social Housing Review (BSHR), which we commissioned with the National Housing Federation, found that most social housing homes and support services are of high quality but some aspects fall short of the high standards expected. The joint action plan which we published last year reflected the work underway to address issues of quality, to learn where things may be going wrong, and to begin to tackle some of the root causes of the problem. Since its publication, we’ve been focused on practical next steps to drive improvements and share good practice. This is underpinned by our work with members on professionalism."

"We agree with the analysis that social housing has changed due to reduced supply and investment, which in turn, has impacted tenant needs – this was something we identified through our Rethinking social housing programme. We have long called for significant increase of investment and delivery of social rented homes which would help address many of society's pressures, and in so doing reduce the experience of stigma that many social housing tenants note, as highlighted in our report It's not okay: a guide to tackling stigma in social housing."

"The spotlight report reinforces our and the wider housing sector’s call for a long-term plan for housing which would provide the investment and commitment needed to start to address the many challenges outlined. As we set out in our housing strategy, we need a sustainable housing system, with urgent action to support those on the lowest incomes and finance new social and truly affordable housing."