18 Apr 2023

CIH response to Ofgem’s announcement on pre-payment meters

Today, Ofgem has announced that all British domestic energy suppliers have signed up to an updated code of practice and tougher Ofgem oversight of prepayment meters (PPMs) that are enforced under warrant installations or remotely switched without consent (all involuntary installations).

The code of practice sets out clear procedures that suppliers must follow, strengthening protections for customers in vulnerable situations. Implementation of the code will be subject to new detailed monitoring by energy regulator Ofgem.

Rachael Williamson, head of policy and external affairs at Chartered Institute of Housing responded to the announcement, commenting:

“This new code of practice is an important step forward in ensuring that some of the most vulnerable residents cannot have a prepayment meter installed in their home against their will. CIH welcome the code and Ofgem’s parallel focus on tighter enforcement and oversight, but we would like to see it go further and forbid forced installations in the homes of all vulnerable residents, not just those defined in the code as high risk. This is especially important for renters, who are more likely to be financially vulnerable or living with a cold-related illness, and who have borne the brunt of the cost of living crisis. We now need to see these changes incorporated into suppliers’ license conditions as soon as possible.”