17 Nov 2022

CIH response to the Autumn Statement announcement on social rent cap for 2023

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has been clear that affordability for social housing tenants and residents is of utmost importance, but rents also need to be balanced with the need for ongoing investment in housing. It is a difficult balancing act.

We support the government’s decision to cap rents at 7 per cent, recognising that this is a maximum limit and not a target. Housing providers will need to look hard at whether they can set rents below this. As we set out in out consultation response, any related benefit savings generated by this cap should be used to support tenants and residents.

CIH welcome news that in response to the Autumn Statement today, housing associations across England representing 80 per cent of shared owners have committed to cap Shared Ownership rent increases at 7 per cent, matching the social housing rent cap.

We support an exemption from the rent cap for supported housing providers, as we called for in our consultation response. This will help protect the future viability of much needed care and support services.

For further details on our response see CIH submit evidence to the government on social rent policy