13 Oct 2022

CIH submit evidence to the government ahead of the Chancellor's Budget

The level of housing need is increasing – many are facing huge challenges in accessing and maintaining affordable, decent homes. The cost of living crisis means that nearly seven million UK households will be in fuel poverty this winter. We need urgent action to support those on the lowest incomes, to decarbonise the residential sector, and to finance new social and affordable housing. Without this, the government’s ambitions to deliver economic growth and levelling up risk being undermined.

Our budget submission sets out proposals to address some of the critical housing issues facing our country. We are calling on government to:

  • Uprate benefits in line with inflation (September CPI) and reform welfare provision so those on the lowest incomes have the support they need to weather the cost of living crisis
  • Bring forward investment with clear, long-term plans to tackle homes with poor energy efficiency
  • Increase grant levels to provide the number of homes at social rents we need each year
  • Invest in existing and new supported housing to meet a range of needs

Gavin Smart, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing, said:
“CIH have set out, in our budget submission, proposals that contribute to the government’s growth agenda while addressing the critical housing issues we are currently facing. CIH is clear that affordability for social housing tenants and residents is of utmost importance. We strongly urge the government to uprate benefits in line with inflation to protect those who are currently experiencing the harshest consequences of the cost of living crisis.

Prioritising investment in UK housing by increasing investment and grants to build affordable, energy efficient homes and improving the quality and insulation of existing homes will reduce the housing crisis the UK faces and add to the government’s growth agenda. We strongly urge the government to prioritise these housing asks within the budget to provide growth and prosperity for everyone.”