30 Jan 2024

DUP's return to power-sharing crucial to addressing Northern Ireland's housing crisis

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to return to the Northern Ireland Executive, contingent upon reaching an agreement with the UK government. This development provides a foundation for renewed collaboration, paving the way for a return to power-sharing.

CIH underscores the significance of this political breakthrough, particularly in the context of the pressing housing crisis in Northern Ireland. High waiting lists for social housing, coupled with the challenges of housing and energy affordability, have created an urgent need for comprehensive and effective solutions.

Justin Cartwright, CIH national director for Northern Ireland, said:

“The Executive plays a pivotal role in addressing critical housing issues that directly impact the lives of people in Northern Ireland. We believe that the return of the DUP to power-sharing, with a commitment from the UK government, is a positive step towards finding collaborative and sustainable solutions to housing challenges.

“As we navigate through the cost of living crisis, where individuals and families struggle with the affordability of housing and energy, it is imperative that our political leaders work together to implement policies and initiatives that alleviate these burdens.

“We urge swift legislative action in the UK Parliament to solidify the terms of the agreement and enable the timely return of the Executive.”