03 Aug 2023

New UK Housing Review Reader launched

The University of Glasgow and Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), the team behind the annual UK Housing Review, have published a new title - the UK Housing Review Reader. The publication has been created as a resource for students of housing and those interested in navigating the evolution of key aspects of housing policy and the housing system.

The publication - Housing policy in a changing world: A UK Housing Review Reader - brings together a structured selection of material from the UK Housing Review (UKHR). The UKHR addresses the trends in housing policy which are most prominent when each year’s edition is being compiled. Taken together over a period of five to seven years, its articles provide a wide-ranging analysis, covering the spectrum of recent policy developments.

For the first time the Reader brings together a selection of the UKHR’s contemporary issues chapters from 2017 to 2023. Providing insight into key areas of housing policy, during a period when a unique combination of events has shaped the policy environment. These chapters are divided into six sections:

  1. Overview and Framework
  2. The Supply of Housing
  3. Housing Tenures and Support
  4. Housing Finance
  5. International Perspectives
  6. The Future of Housing Policy

Mark Stephens, lead editor of the UK Housing Review and the Mactaggart Professor in Land, Property and Urban Studies in the School for Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow, commented:

“The Reader aims to provide easy access to analysis of some of the most pressing issues in housing today. I hope it is of use to students and lecturers on housing courses, and indeed to a wider readership in policy and practice.”

Gavin Smart, CIH chief executive commented:

“The UK Housing Review has been a key resource for housing professionals and policy makers across both public and private housing sectors for over 30 years. CIH are delighted to launch the Reader, an essential encyclopaedia of knowledge and analysis for the next generation of housing professionals and students.

“As the professional body for housing, we are delighted to support both housing students and professionals with member benefits and resources that enable them to grow, learn and create a future in which everyone has a home.”