With a cost of living and climate crisis, a country emerging from the effects of the pandemic and demand outweighing supply, our housing system is under considerable strain. A decent and affordable home is a foundation for life, so it’s vital that we work together to create a future where everyone has a safe place to call home.

To explore the role that the social housing sector can play, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) have partnered with ITN Business to produce ‘Brighter Futures’ a news-style programme anchored by Dr Sian Williams. The programme will feature examples of the sector delivering on its core purpose - to provide affordable, decent, safe homes so that individuals and communities can live well and look towards a brighter future.

‘Brighter Futures’ will also feature best-practice case studies including local community initiatives, successful repairs and maintenance programmes, cost of living support schemes and refugee settlement. Additionally, the programme will highlight the crucial role of housing officers, thriving local community initiatives and other tenancy sustainment efforts.

Introduction from Gavin Smart, CIH chief executive

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