How to use the CIH professional standards

Discover the CIH professional standards

Every day, housing professionals create opportunities for people to find a home from which they can build the rest of their lives. The CIH professional standards build on seven characteristics developed, tested, and refined to enable you to consider your professional development needs.

By applying these recognised and valued characteristics in your daily role, you, your organisation and the whole profession gain a higher degree of trust and credibility, driving positive outcomes for everyone you work with, from colleagues to customers.

How can the standards be used in my organisation?

CIH professional standards can be flexed to fit in with your organisational values – you can use what works for you. Here are some ways in which you can use the professional standards for your organisation: 

  • Identify standards of professional excellence across your organisation  
  • Identify the desired and existing skills, knowledge and behaviours across the business to make change happen 
  • Identify team and organisational capability 
  • Build your competency frameworks 
  • Map against organisational values 
  • Focus on behaviours needed for success 
  • Develop role profiles, job descriptions and personal specifications  
  • Identify areas for development across the business  
  • Build a resident’s charter  
  • Prepare for the expectations in the Social Housing White Paper. 

How can the standards be used for me as an individual?

CIH professional standards can be flexed to fit your professional development needs. Here are some ways you can use them in your day-to-day job and personal development:

  • Apply self-refection to support personal growth 
  • Practically embed standards into your everyday role 
  • Help you to make decisions 
  • Understand the wider context/ operating environment to inform your work  
  • Identify meaningful CPD activities
  • Build a case for your professional development 
  • Support interview preparation  
  • Help you to prepare for an appraisal or review 
  • Develop your external/public profile  
  • Demonstrate your commitment to being professional.   
Take the self-assessment
Take some time to reflect honestly on your professional journey and think about your development needs by completing the professional standards self-assessment tool.
eLearning modules
Our short eLearning modules are here to support you in addressing gaps in your development, with an exclusive module for each of the standards and an additional introductory module on professionalism.
Case studies
See why and how different organisations like yours have embedded our professional standards in their organisational values, objectives, competency frameworks and development routes.
The professional standards
Built on seven characteristics to enable you to think about your professional development needs and how you can contribute to the professionalism of your organisation and the wider sector.
The importance & benefits
The professional standards bring a wealth of benefits to you as an individual but also to your organisation. They set the benchmark for housing professionals and for organisations in the sector.
Continuing professional development
CPD is an ongoing, purposeful and planned learning and development process that helps you further develop as a modern housing professional.