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Career Branding in Housing

An interactive virtual workshop that will help you in your housing career journey.

A career in housing is exciting and can provide an incredible variety of options, from housing management to resident involvement, and from development to supported housing – to mention just a few. Here at CIH Ireland we want to ensure that our members are equipped with a career development toolkit to in order to progress within the sector.

For this interactive workshop, hear from career consultant, Susan Keating, who will explore what a career brand is and how you can effectively design and develop yours. Susan will offer insights into how to leverage your brand for greater planning and opportunities for your career in housing. There will also be a career Q&A with Ali Burdis Leech, and Ali will talk about her career progression journey at Tuath Housing.

Why watch?

  • Discover how to create, manage and promote your personal brand as part of a successful career management strategy
  • Learn how to use a mentoring relationship as a key career resource
  • Find out how to leverage your connections for career success
  • Explore how to develop a plan to take your housing career to the next level.

Your speakers:

  • Susan Keating, consultant career coach and trainer, Onelife Coaching
  • Ali Burdis Leech, housing services manager, Tuath Housing Association
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