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Member Only 13 Dec 2023 | Events

Improving the Quality of Social Homes

Better Social Housing Review - one year on

Hear from the Regulator for Social Housing, National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing about changes to how we manage the quality of our homes and customer service.

Why watch?

  • Hear updates from the Regulator, NHF and CIH and gain an understanding of how implementing the Better Social Housing Review recommendations can prepare you for the new regulation. 
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Member Only 06 Dec 2023 | Events

The Big Conversation: Artificial Intelligence

Explore how AI can be leveraged to improve the day job for landlords, enhance customer experience, and learn how we can stay ahead of an ever-changing labour and tech market.

Why watch?

During this session, we’ll hear from those in the know about all things AI, who will explore:

  • The ethics of AI
  • The opportunities to deliver greater value for tenants
  • The fundamental question about risks and accountability for landlords
  • The wider use of AI and scope for AI within the housing sector
  • Challenges around the adoption of AI.

Your speakers:

  • Steph Wright, head of Scottish AI Alliance
  • Colin Foskett, UK director, CareBuilder
  • Graeme Hamilton, Innovation officer, Albyn Housing Associaton
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Member Only 05 Dec 2023 | Events

Building Better Boards: Getting Ahead of the Curve

A showcase of good practice case studies

Hear from organisations that are leading the way in housing with their bold ideas and actions, and how members of the board were instrumental in driving this change.

Why watch?

  • Watch conversation with our expert speaker - we encourage delegates to challenge, debate and share their ideas and insights
  • Watch fellow board members and governance professionals discover new ideas to guide your organisation.

Your speakers:

  • Michelle Meldrum, CEO, Berwickshire Housing Association
  • Gemma Bell, partner, Devonshires Solicitors LLP
  • Chair: Tara Devine, regional manager – London & Eastern, CIH
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Member Only 28 Nov 2023 | Events

The Procurement Act: What Can We Expect?

Explore the forthcoming Procurement Act, unpacking the risks and opportunities it presents for social landlords and how organisations can practically prepare for the changes.

In this member-exclusive event, Procurement for Housing discusses the most important updates on the Procurement Act and what it all means for social housing providers.

Why watch?

Members will take away practical knowledge on:

  • Key changes from the current Public Contracts Regulations to the new Reform Act
  • The opportunities this will create
  • The risks senior leaders and organisations need to be aware of
  • Practical advice and tips on how to prepare now.

Your speakers:

  • Guy Stapleford, head of consultancy, Procurement for Housing (PfH)
  • Jane Brighouse, quality and compliance manager, Procurement for Housing
  • John Wallace, director of procurement, Clarion Housing Group
  • Chair: James Prestwich, director of policy and external affairs, Chartered Institute of Housing
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Member Only 07 Nov 2023 | Events

Preparing for the New Consumer Standards: How to Build in the Tenant Voice

Discover how housing providers are engaging with tenants to help improve service delivery.

Why watch?

Hear from housing providers who have changed the way they work to embrace the new consumer standards proposed by The Regulator of Social Housing and the recommendations set forth by the Better Social Housing Review. Also hear from residents on the difference proactive resident engagement makes.

Your speakers:

  • Lewis Kinch, Co creation and innovation manager, Southern Housing
  • Sian Coulton, Engagement and communications manager, Community Gateway
  • Darren Hartley, Chief executive, TAROE Trust
  • Kai Jackson, Associate, TPAS Scrutiny Group and member, Black Country Housing Group Scrutiny Panel
  • Chair: Rachael Williamson, Head of policy and external affairs, Chartered Institute of Housing
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31 Oct 2023 | Events

Launch of UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper

Discover the most important updates on key housing issues with the UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper.

Why watch?

A must-attend event for housing professionals across the UK, come together with UK Housing Review authors to explore the latest developments from the sector since the release of the full edition in March 2023.

Building on the key themes identified in the Spring edition, we’ll share expert analysis and specialist insight on a range of topics – from homelessness and refugees to damp and mould and shared ownership - to help you build a clear picture of the current housing landscape.

Your speakers:

  • Chair: Rachael Williamson, head of policy and external affairs, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Professor Mark Stephens, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Peter Williams, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Susan J. Smith, life fellow, Girton College
  • Jasmine Basran, head of policy and campaigns, Crisis
  • John Perry, policy adviser, Chartered Institute of Housing
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Member Only 10 Oct 2023 | Events

The Big Conversation: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Housing prides itself on being a value-based profession but what does this actually mean and how can our profession take a more proactive approach on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace?

Why watch?

Hear from a diverse panel of speakers who will explore:

  • Bias in housing recruitment
  • Experiences of young practitioners
  • Measures landlords are taking to be better employers
  • What more needs to be done.

Your speakers:

  • Lara Oyedele, past president, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Alysha Burrel, member, CIH Futures and founder and director, Building Future Leaders
  • Lee Collymore, development and customer experience project officer, Stonewater
  • Diana MacLean, chief executive, Riverside Scotland
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Member Only 03 Oct 2023 | Events

The Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

After its passage through Parliament, the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill received Royal Assent, becoming the Social Housing (Regulation) Act on 20 July 2023. One crucial aspect of reform is the transformation of powers held by the Housing Ombudsman on complaints handling.

Why watch?

  • Understand what this will mean in practice and feedback on your views on the upcoming consultation

Your speakers:

  • Verity Richards, Head of Service, Housing Ombudsman Service

  • Chair: Sarah Davis, Senior policy and practice officer, Chartered Institute of Housing
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Member Only 18 Sep 2023 | Masterclass

Cost of Living: Building Resilience and Managing Difficult Situations

Watch this Housing Management masterclass to hear from a diverse panel of speakers to discuss how you can take important steps to look after your staff as they help local communities through this challenging period.

The cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on all of society. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your colleagues have the correct tools and skills to support your communities, whilst also prioritising their own self-care and resilience.

Why watch?

  • Explore how to build employee resilience to help them adapt during hard times
  • Discuss the most effective ways to manage difficult conversations
  • Explore how to create a good supportive and collaborative environment that helps employees feel more connected and engaged in their work
  • Learn about the practice of self-care.
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13 Sep 2023 | Events

Building Better Boards: Getting to Grips with Cyber Security

Explore the risks of cyber threats to housing providers, how to reduce the risk of an attack and how to mitigate the impact.

Cyber attacks can have a catastrophic impact on housing organisations. These digital assaults often disable computers, steal data, or halt customer service lines.

At this event in our Building Better Boards series, we heard from organisations that have been subject to cyber attacks to offer insight and learning so you can be prepared. We explored how these attacks can happen, what impact they have and how to recover from them if you or your organisation are targeted.

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