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Member Only 24 Jun 2022 | Policy change

Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 Consultation

Explore the recently published consultation on Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 with government officials and ask your important questions.

Listen back on this event to:

  • Get first-hand insight into the thinking that has shaped the components included in the new standard
  • Learn about the recent emphasis in the standard promoting the drive towards net-zero
  • Explore practical aspects of implementation and the expectations of affordable housing providers.
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Member Only 23 Jun 2022 | Career development

Building Better Boards - The Value of Constructive Challenge

Discover new approaches and ideas to boost your board function and explore the value of creating a constructive challenge culture within organisations.

The best performing boards understand that asking the right questions is key to achieving good governance and board effectiveness. The next session in our Building Better Boards series will explore the value of creating a constructive challenge culture within organisations. We’ll discover the benefits this can bring in building trust, creating new perspectives, improving information and idea sharing, strengthening decision making processes and identifying and mitigating risk.

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Member Only 21 Jun 2022 | Skills development

Tackling Cuckooing and County Lines in Our Neighbourhoods

Gather the skills and knowledge needed to help protect the individuals and communities you work with.

The risk to children, young people and vulnerable adults of being exploited through cuckooing or county lines operations is being highlighted and reported more frequently. It causes real damage to individuals that have been targeted and the communities around them. Housing professionals have a crucial role in tackling serious and organised crime.

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Member Only 14 Jun 2022 | Skills development

Leading the Way on Strategic Housing Recruitment

Discover how sector leaders are developing professional pathways and engaging our future workforce.

Watch this past event to hear from leaders across the planning, care and housing sectors about what they are doing to develop professional pathways and discuss the strategic steps we need to take to create a workforce development strategy for housing.

The event covers discussions such as:

  • What does it look like in practice?
  • What can landlords do to engage directly with the next generation of housing professionals?
  • What leadership do we need to see from the Scottish Government and our skills agencies to re-assert housing as a career of choice and raise our profile? 
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Member Only 07 Jun 2022 | Masterclass

Damp and mould - getting it right

This masterclass provides an opportunity to hear from the Housing Ombudsman, housing providers and tenants participation advisory service (TPAS).

This masterclass will also provide ideas from practitioners and the opportunity to learn how they are gearing up to meet the challenge the Housing Ombudsman’s report set out. Following the Housing Ombudsman’s spotlight report on damp and mould, this masterclass with the Ombudsman will look at how landlords can get it right.

Recognising that there are many and varying root causes that lead to dampness and mould, this will:

  • Explore the challenges for landlords in identifying and addressing them
  • Discuss the role of taking a zero-tolerance approach
  • Re-think engagement with residents to help to tackle it effectively

It will explore the report’s recommendations covering a wide range of topics for landlords to consider, including resolving skill gaps within organisations, simplifying the complaints process, and delivering on net-zero targets.

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Member Only 04 May 2022 | Career development

The Future of Work

This virtual event will explore recent research on the impact of hybrid working and discuss how housing associations are adjusting to this ongoing change.

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on how many of us work. Overnight, offices closed, home/remote working policies were implemented, and organisations began to roll out agile/flexible working practices. Whilst this new way of working has been incredibly beneficial for many, it’s vital that housing organisations of the future build on this change, learning the lessons from the pandemic and continuing to adapt.

This virtual event, organised by the CIH Yorkshire and Humberside Group, will explore recent research on the impact of hybrid working and discuss how housing associations are adjusting to this ongoing change, developing new organisational cultures in a post-pandemic world.

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Member Only 12 Apr 2022 | Masterclass

ASB - Maximising Your Potential, Improving Lives

Understand how to tackle ASB more effectively and improve your services to tenants.

Join our anti-social behaviour (ASB) experts Janine Green, ASB consultant and trainer, and Chris Grose, head of housing advisory services, Capsticks, to explore the elements that help to create a genuinely excellent ASB service.

The session will explore some practical measures to improve services, tenant engagement and satisfaction to deliver the best outcomes for your local communities.

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Member Only 04 Apr 2022 | Policy change

Renting Homes (Wales) Act

Explore fundamental changes in the Renting Homes (Wales) Act happening in July 2022.

With the Renting Homes (Wales) Act due to be implemented on 15 July 2022, this is your opportunity to get to grips with crucial changes – from the legal aspects of occupation contracts, new procedures for abandonment and joint-contract holders to the operational side of preparing teams for the widespread changes. This masterclass has it all. 

With legal insight from the Welsh Government’s expert team supporting implementation, you’ll learn precisely how new legislation will look in practice and have a chance to discuss this with other colleagues across the sector.

Why watch?

  • Provide you with up-to-date knowledge about the Renting Homes (Wales) Act, what it means in practice and how you and your organisation can best prepare for its implementation
  • Set you and your teams up to prepare and respond positively, making the changes work for you and your organisation.

Who should watch?

  • Housing association tenancy management staff
  • Strategy and policy teams
  • Legal and governance professionals
  • Tenancy engagement staff
  • Local authority housing teams
  • Private landlords
  • Environmental protection staff.
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31 Mar 2022 | Technical update

Lovell Ideas Lab - Delivering Housing Targets in the South West

This session will explore how private and public partnerships can work together to effectively deliver the housing targets in the South West of England, including a detailed discussion around challenges, opportunities, timelines, partnerships and procurement.

The Government has committed to providing an £8.6 billion funding package to build circa 120,000 new affordable homes in England as part of the £11.5 billion Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) from 2021-to 2026. The task is tall for Homes England’s strategic partners to get spades on the grounds and create various residential options for people across the country.

Watch the event to:

  • Gain insight into how working in partnership can help to deliver housing targets in the South West
  • Discuss the key challenges, opportunities, times lines, partnerships and procurement.
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28 Mar 2022 | Technical update

UK Housing Review 2022 Launch

The 30th annual UK Housing Review is the leading source of analysis and statistics on housing, benefits, and homelessness across the UK. Connect with the UK Housing Review authors on our virtual event platform and discuss some critical issues highlighted in this report.

We'll begin the event by exploring some of the main headlines and findings from across the year, taking a deep dive into homelessness, accessing homeownership, investment in affordable housing and changes in the benefits system.

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