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Member Only 23 Mar 2022 | Career development

Building Better Boards - Policy, Governance and Professionalism

Explore the housing industry's critical challenges with Gavin Smart and Alison Inman.

In our first Building Better Boards event of 2022, we’ll be joined by former CIH president 2017-2018, Alison Inman and CIH chief executive Gavin Smart as they explore the major issues across all four UK nations. Against the backdrop of pandemic recovery, Alison and Gavin will share their expert insight on developing good governance, championing professional standards and inspiring positive change.

This event is exclusive to CIH members and will be particularly relevant to chief executives, board chairs, board members, company secretaries, governance officers and managers, and local authority councillors.

Why attend?

  • Participate in the conversation with our expert speakers – share your ideas and insight, challenge perceptions and join the debate
  • Communicate with fellow governance professionals and board members and discover new innovative ways to guide your organisation
  • Network and collaborate in our virtual lounge – a relaxed setting that allows you to move between tables and chat with other delegates.
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Member Only 08 Mar 2022 | Technical update

Navigating Climate Change and the Cost of Living Crisis

Learn about how we ensure all homes meet higher standards whilst we continue to support communities.

In this masterclass, you will hear about new research from the Existing Homes Alliance looking at the practicalities of introducing minimum energy efficiency standards to the owner-occupied sector and implications for mixed tenure areas. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the Scottish Government’s new Fuel Poverty Strategy.

Why watch?

  • Get practical tips to help tenants maximise their income
  • Have an insightful discussion with other delegates on the implications of introducing minimum energy efficiency standards
  • Join professionals from across the UK to hear about the work in the Scottish housing sector.
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24 Feb 2022 | Policy change

Walk the talk: Launch of Human Rights and Housing Guidance

Listen to the discussion of the human right to adequate housing has been one of the most important developments in housing policy in recent years.

However, much of the debate focuses on the challenges and fundamental arguments around taking a human rights approach to housing.

On 1 February, CIH Scotland launched guidance, written by Gillian Young (Newhaven Research), that provides practical insight and advice for landlords on the steps they can take to provide housing as a human right today and crucially recommendations for the Scottish Government on what policy and legislative measures are required to realise housing as an enforceable human right.

Panellists include:

  • Gillian Young, Co-Founder and Director, Newhaven Research
  • Callum Chomczuk, National Director, CIH Scotland
  • Nile Istephan, Chief Executive, Eildon Housing Association
  • Alice Simpson, Director of Assets and Governance, Homes for Good
  • Michael Cameron, Chief Executive, Scottish Housing Regulator
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17 Feb 2022 | Membership

Championing Mentoring for Organisational Success

In this virtual event, we explored the importance of mentoring for organisational success. We shared more about our revolutionary new mentoring programme through PushFar and the exciting benefits of implementing mentoring within your organisation.

We discussed the following:

  • The value of CIH membership
  • An overview of what mentoring is and its benefits to mentors and mentees 
  • The importance of mentoring as an integral part of organisational culture
  • How championing mentoring can support the Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) plan of an organisation
  • How mentoring can add value by investing, and being aligned with, people development strategies
  • Insight into the benefits of mentoring to senior, mid and junior employees
  • How the positive impact of mentoring can increase employee engagement
  • The benefits of reverse mentoring to individuals and the organisation
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Member Only 15 Feb 2022 | Skills development

Tackling Stigma in Social Housing

CIH launched a guide on tackling stigma in 2020; It's not okay: a guide to tackling stigma in social housing. However, it's still an important issue for social housing organisations and professionals to tackle. This webinar will focus on this complex issue and the actions landlords are taking with tenants to help identify it, raise awareness, and stop it.

You'll hear from the leading academics, Dr Amanze Ejiogu and Dr Mercy Denedo and their report; stigma and social housing in England. Their report revealed how much the stigma against social housing and its tenants are interlinked with other issues, like poverty and race, and the need for a range of approaches to tackle it. You'll hear an update on the consultation results and take stock of what action is being taken by social landlords and professionals and the early impacts.


Anneka Gill, head of transformation, will be talking to us about how Morgan Sindall has developed training and the practical ways they are helping contractors understand the issue and the impact they have when they work in the homes of social housing tenants.

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Member Only 07 Feb 2022 | Legal update

Tenant Satisfaction Measures - Shaping the Way Forward

Rewatch this event to understand the tenant satisfaction measures and what it means for you.

In a consultation launched in December 2021, the Regulator for Social Housing outlined its plans for new tenant satisfaction measures (TSM) as part of a series of changes it is implementing following the Social Housing White Paper.

This masterclass will help you understand the tenant satisfaction measures (TSM) in more detail and how the Regulator sees these fitting into future consumer regulation. You'll explore the potential impacts for your organisation and how you work with your tenants and residents.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore in detail the TSM
  • Understand how the Regulator wants these to work and how these will fit with broader regulation
  • Useful discussion with other delegates the implications of the tenant satisfaction measures
  • Your comments and discussions will also help to inform CIH’s response to Regulator’s consultation.
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27 Jan 2022 | Technical update

Aico Ideas Lab - Will EESHH2 achieve net-zero in Social Housing?

Watch the Aico ideas lab about how we meet the target for net-zero heat in houses from 2040.

What is EESSH2?

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing Two (EESSH2) was formed to support the removal of poor energy efficiency and help achieve the Scottish Government's climate change emissions reduction targets.

This event will look at progress towards EESSH2, elements of the standard, air quality, alignment with the net-zero target, and how the standard fits with changes needed across other tenures. We'll also explore improvements that could be made when strengthening the standard.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improved understanding and ability to plan for investment in social housing
  • Learn the importance of working with residents and building occupiers to deliver change
  • Make sure you understand the potential of what could be done with your stock
  • Is fabric first the correct approach for achieving net-zero?
  • Provide clarity on the Zest recommendations and what they identify as needing to be worked on.
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11 Jan 2022 | Skills development

Digital housing – what it means for you

As the UK continues its transition to a fully digital communications network by 2025, housing providers need to address the challenges and opportunities this could present for their organisation and the people it supports, particularly about Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS).

This session shared practical advice and real-life examples of how other providers are approaching the digital future, and working towards a technology-first philosophy with residents at the centre.

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Member Only Member-exclusive 01 Dec 2021 | Membership

The Big Conversation 2021

Rewatch this event for young and upcoming professionals from across the UK, where we discussed some of the most pressing challenges faced by the sector.

This virtual event will provide an opportunity for anyone working in the sector to develop their professional journey, build networks, and establish valuable connections in an interactive virtual space specifically designed to engage young and upcoming professionals.

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NEW 10 Nov 2021 | Technical update

Shocks in the supply chain: understanding issues in housing supply chains

Learn about new Tyfu Tai Cymru research into supply chain challenges and their impact on the housing sector. With pressures on supply chains impacting a variety of goods and services across the UK.

You'll learn about the extent of the challenges facing supply chains in four key areas:

  • Building new homes
  • Day to day maintenance
  • Retrofitting and asset management
  • Fire safety

Hear the latest insight from the housing sector on challenges within these areas and find out about some of the potential solutions.

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