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Member Only 03 Jun 2020 | Knowledge

Ensuring equality during lockdown

Our speakers, Alicja Zalesinka, Director of Tai Pawb and Hannah Wharf, External Affairs Principal, Equality Human Rights Commission explored how the Coronavirus crisis is impacting the poorer and more vulnerable people in our communities and throwing up barriers to the way that we would normally provide services.

We discussed how to can ensure that we maintain equality in the allocation of housing options and support services provision during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Member Only 29 May 2020 | Knowledge

Shine a light on mental health and housing

We were joined by our president Aileen Evans for this session on mental health and housing. Learn more about the mental health toolkit that has been created especially for the housing sector. We also heard from experts in the field of mental health and from leading housing organisations on how they have applied best practice for both staff and residents alike.

Member Only 18 May 2020 | Knowledge

The future of sheltered housing

The expert panel looked at the housing needs of our ageing population and whether the current sheltered housing stock is suitable for purpose.

Areas discussed were:

  • The housing needs of our ageing population
  • Is the current sheltered housing stock suitable for purpose?
  • How have sheltered housing services been evolving in recent years?
  • Supporting sheltered tenants through the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Funding and partnership opportunities to enhance the sheltered housing offer
  • Ensuring effective tenant participation in sheltered housing
  • Can we sustain sheltered housing with the squeeze on Supporting People funding?
  • The need for co-operation with the health and social care sector in developing future models of sheltered accommodation
  • Examples of good practice.
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Member Only 13 May 2020 | Knowledge

ASB think tank

We heard from experts on the subject of ASB covering a legal update, best practice and different approaches to dealing with ASB and how to tackle ASB in the lockdown environment.

Member Only 07 May 2020 | Knowledge

Partnership working with housing, health and social care

This webinar looked at partnership projects and how these have been adapted to be able to deliver in the new world of lockdown. Care and Repair Cymru shared their ‘hospital to a healthier home’ project and Warmer Wales discussed how they are supporting people in their homes using remote technology.

Building and maintaining effective partnerships between housing, health and social care is a key way to ensure people are able to stay safely in their homes and can return home as soon as possible after any hospital stays.

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Member Only 06 May 2020 | Knowledge

EU settlement scheme, what you need to know

CIH Cymru, in partnership with Newfields Law hosted this webinar, which included a presentation, offering an overview to the EU settlement scheme, along with eligibility and suitability requirements, and the application process. The webinar was aimed at all frontline staff who may come into contact with individuals who are required to apply under the scheme and require guidance and assistance to complete their applications.

The webinar also provided attendees with a level of insight into future immigration routes following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

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Member Only 29 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Supporting older people during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has placed a huge strain on public services across Wales and indeed globally. For those providing services to support older people, many of whom may be most at risk during the outbreak, the challenges are intense - from supporting older people to stay safe, managing how care is provided effectively and ensuring people feel well informed against a fast-changing picture.

Rebecca Mollart, chief executive at erosh and Jeremy Porteus, chief executive at Housing Learning Improvement Network are both experts in this sector. They shared best practice and guidance reflecting on their own experiences to help people who work in supporting older people through this international public health emergency.

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Member Only 23 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Investing in healthier homes, decarbonisation and sustainability

Tyfu Tai Cymru and Public Health Wales hosted this webinar to discuss the steps we need to take to ensure we are able to meet the requirements for decarbonisation while also investing in healthy homes now and in the future.

Member Only 21 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Safer by design

More fatal accidents occur in the home than in any other environment – every year in the UK, around 6,000 deaths happen in our own homes. These are on top of the many life-changing injuries, and admittances and attendances at our already-stretched A&E departments.

RoSPA has developed Safer by design, a framework that goes beyond regulatory compliance to enable those designing and building new housing to simply and cheaply mitigate the most common household accidental injury risks, including falls, slips, burns and scalds, and accidental poisoning. The framework will help to ensure new-build housing is safer for everyone at any stage of life, from the very young to the country’s oldest residents.

Becky Hickman, head of business development, RoSPA, Mike Roys, technical consultant and Jayne Lombardi, head of health, safety and insurance, Orbit Homes explained the need for and the methodology behind Safer by design, and how architects and housing professionals can economically and practically incorporate the framework.

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Member Only 17 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

The Coronavirus Act 2020 – The implications for landlords and tenants

Jim Bauld from TC Young and Simon Strelitz from Capsticks explored the provisions contained in the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill and the implications for landlords and tenants. They also considered some of the emerging practical issues and potential responses.

Member Only 15 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Dealing with complaints during the coronavirus

The Housing Ombudsman has produced guidance for its member landlords which sets out best practice in how to engage with the Ombudsman during the Covid-19 crisis, along with guidance on dealing with complaints raised by the residents during this time. The Ombudsman has engaged with a large number of landlords reflecting the breadth of its membership. This is reflected in the guidance which covers the most common, specific queries and concerns that landlords have raised during coronavirus lockdown.

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman, Jennifer Ryans, Head of Dispute Resolution and Emma Foxall, Deputy Ombudsman explained the Ombudsman guidance document further.

Key areas covered in the guidance were: 

  • access to the complaint's procedure for residents
  • orders and recommendations
  • complaints about repairs
  • complaints about anti-social behaviour
  • providing information to the Ombudsman
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Member Only 09 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Digital inclusion in housing during social distancing

Eilidh Little, digital development Officer, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and Rory Brown community inclusion Assistant, Govan Housing Association explored how housing organisations can continue to support their tenants, particularly those who are most vulnerable, with digital inclusion support in a time of social distancing and self-isolation due to coronavirus.

Aspects covered were:

  • Guiding principles to digital inclusion
  • Key digital skills to focus on for staff and tenants
  • What devices and apps are most helpful
  • Safeguarding considerations
  • What it looks like in practice – a case study from Govan Housing Association
  • Key resources
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Member Only 07 Apr 2020 | Knowledge

Dealing with domestic abuse during self-isolation

Our panel discussed why isolation and lockdown is a concerning and potentially dangerous time for victims of abuse. Guidance was provided to advise professionals how to ensure they identify, support and provide a safe environment for all.

Member Only 12 Mar 2020 | Knowledge

Tackling disrepairs claims

Paul Lloyd, partner at Capsticks solicitors looked at the the current increase in Disrepair claims in Social Housing and discussed the changes that were brought in to effect by the Fitness for Human Habitation Act in March 2020.

Member Only 12 Dec 2019 | Knowledge

The power of reverse mentoring

Ronika Cunningham, involvement manager and mentor discussed the benefits of LGBT+ reverse mentoring with her colleagues from Home Group in this round table style webinar.

The topics covered include:

  • What it is
  • Why we did it
  • How it works
  • What we got out of it
  • Top tips for setting up Reverse Mentoring
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