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Member Only 22 Feb 2023

Effective Complaints Handling

Complaints can be a valuable resource if used effectively. This session will look at how resolving complaints well can improve your services and increase customer satisfaction.

Since the pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in complaints which we can see has remained from the 2022 Housing Ombudsman insight report. Complaints will also be one of the key indicators within the Tenant Satisfaction Measures and overall consumer standards.

In this Housing Management Masterclass, we’ll explore how to use complaints to achieve real improvements in services and customer satisfaction. You’ll hear the latest updates and best practice guidance from the Housing Ombudsman and housing providers who have taken measures to effectively handle complaints and improve tenant satisfaction.

Why watch?

  • Hear first-hand from the Housing Ombudsman on the lessons learnt from its recent spotlight on complaints
  • Learn from case studies showcasing ways in which housing providers are handling complaints effectively
  • Explore ways to make complaints a lever to improve services.
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Member Only 24 Jan 2023

Getting it Right on Damp and Mould

Recent events have highlighted the importance of ensuring landlords are taking appropriate and timely action when responding to the occurrence of damp and mould in tenants’ homes.

This session will look at what registered housing providers should be doing to ensure legal compliance.

Why watch?

This webinar will help you understand:

  • Landlord legal obligations in respect of damp and mould.
  • How to approach access to inspect and undertake works to treat damp and mould - what steps need to be taken to ensure legal compliance?
  • What can be learned from the Housing Ombudsman’s findings and Spotlight Report on Damp and Mould - are Landlords using their complaints process to best effect? 
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Member Only 17 Jan 2023

Neighbourhood Management and Dispute Resolution

This session provided advice on how to manage difficult neighbourhood disputes and the value of mediation to resolve neighbour conflicts from the perspectives of partners at work in local communities.

During COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns, neighbourhood disputes increased exponentially across the UK, with some areas reporting a whopping 196 per cent rise in reported cases. It was a challenging time, and the pressure of the pandemic and individuals spending more time at home amplified local frustrations and tension within communities.

During this masterclass, our expert panel will explore practical means of conflict resolution and how to use mediation effectively in an increasingly challenging environment. It provides the opportunity to explore the issues across the range of partners at work in local areas (police, local authority and housing).

Why watch?

  • Learn practical means of resolving disputes at early stages, including the value of effective mediation
  • How to resolve complex cases and address mental health issues
  • Managing customer expectations – what is “reasonable noise”?

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Member Only 14 Dec 2022 | Masterclass

Building Safety and Resident Engagement

Explore the resident engagement implications of the Building Safety Act and how to effectively work with your tenants moving forward.

During this session, we’ll help you understand the new parameters and what you should be doing to prepare to deliver resident engagement strategies in your high-rise buildings. We also discuss best practice that goes beyond the requirements of the Act.

You will hear from a landlord which has already started developing their resident engagement across their high-rise stock as well as consider the specific needs of disabled and older people living in high-rise buildings and how landlords should engage with them.

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Member Only 14 Dec 2022 | Masterclass

The Better Social Housing Review

Hear directly from the Better Social Housing Review panel and ask questions about the implications of their findings.

For the past 18 months housing associations have faced intense public scrutiny over cases of damp, mould and poor quality homes.

Six months ago, alongside the National Housing Federation, we jointly commissioned an independent panel to carry out the Better Social Housing Review (BSHR) to make independent, urgent recommendations on how to solve these problems. We expect the panel to publish its findings soon.

During this session, BSHR panel chair, Helen Baker, Gavin Smart, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing and Kate Henderson, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, discuss the recommendations and next steps. 

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Member Only 13 Dec 2022 | Masterclass

Tackling Damp and Mould

This masterclass looks at the learning from the Housing Ombudsman’s report, and at the use of technology to help identify homes and support households most at risk from damp and mould.

It is clear that the problem with damp and mould is a significant one in the social housing sector.

It has huge impacts on the experiences of tenants and can be difficult to get right. However, it is vital that landlords work with tenants to address the problems where these arise, finding solutions quickly that make a real and lasting difference.

Why watch?

  • Understand the long-term implications of damp and mould, and impacts for tenants’ health and wellbeing

  • Learn from the experiences of other landlords on how to tackle the issue

  • Explore the value of technology to help identify these most at-risk (homes and households)

  • Consider what is needed to provide a rounded solution to the problem – repairs, income maximisation etc. (people and resources).

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Member Only 12 Dec 2022 | Masterclass

Cost of Living - The Impact on Families & Children

Hear from organisations working to support families and children and explore what more housing providers can do.

As the cost of living crisis continues, families are struggling to make ends meet and are torn between heating their homes, putting food on the table, or both. It is having a significant impact on the well-being of children both mentally and physically.

This member-exclusive webinar will discuss the true impact of the cost of living in more depth and will highlight the work happening across both the housing and charity sector to help alleviate the pressures. The aim of the session is for you to take away helpful practical actions to help those most in need.

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Member Only 07 Dec 2022 | Career development

Building Better Boards: Treasury Management

This session will help board members to develop their knowledge and skills around the complexities of treasury management and gain confidence to ask those crucial questions.

The event was exclusive to CIH Members and will be particularly relevant to chief executives, board chairs, board members, company secretaries, governance officers and managers and local authority councillors.

Why watch?

  • Watch fellow CIH Members participate in the conversation with our expert speaker – we encourage delegates to challenge, debate and share their ideas and insights.
  • Watch fellow board members and governance professionals discovering new ideas to guide your organisation through the complexities of treasury management.

Your speaker:

  • Mike Roche, director, Savills Financial Consultants
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Member Only 06 Dec 2022 | Policy change

Leading the way on the rented sector strategy

Discover Scottish Government's priorities for the rented sector.

Why watch?

The proposed rented sector strategy has the potential to transform the relationship between tenants and landlords, drive fundamental improvements in building standards and embed professional practice even deeper into the housing workforce. But with the consultation closing earlier this year, what are the Scottish Government's priorities for the rented sector, and how can housing professionals continue to engage with the process?

Watch this session to hear directly from the minister for zero-carbon, active travel and tenants rights, Patrick Harvie MSP, on his priorities for the rented sector. 

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29 Nov 2022

The Cost of Living and Disability

This webinar looks at how the cost of living crisis is disproportionately impacting disabled people, and what housing providers can do to support them.

Why watch?

During this session you will hear from:

  • Gemma Hope, director of policy at Leonard Cheshire
  • Kate Henderson, head of strategy and planning, and Richard Brint, researcher at Riverside
  • Christina McGill, director of social impact and external affairs at Habinteg
  • Sarah Davis, senior policy advisor at the Chartered Institute of Housing
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