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Member Only 07 Jul 2021 | Masterclass

ASB spotlight: Injunction masterclass

Lindsay Felstead, Partner at Clarke Willmott shared injunctions best practice and explained why injunctions are more important than ever during these unprecedented times and how injunctions are enabling social landlords to tackle ASB.

Member Only 01 Jul 2021

From hospital to home; planning the discharge journey

Tyfu Tai Cymru launched brand new research looking at the experiences of professionals, patients, carers and people on the frontline of hospital discharges examining how they were able to keep people safe during the COVID-19 and how successful and sustainable outcomes are delivered for those returning home from hospital.

Researchers Greg Thomas and Antony Kendall shared their research findings and recommendations and focussed on what needs to happen to improve patient experience and how housing is part of the solution.

To find out more about the research discussed in this virtual event please use the links below to read the report in English and Welsh.

View in English    View in Welsh

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01 Jul 2021 | Career development

Championing equality, diversity and inclusion

Rewatch this summit, where four people from diverse and minority backgrounds have a platform to talk about their journeys.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in helping us build our understanding of diverse and underrepresented communities. Every individual has their own needs, desires and experiences, informed by the culture in which we grew up, our gender, age, religion and sexuality, and how the limitations of our bodies – mental and physical – impact the way we live our lives. This event is an excellent opportunity to highlight the practical ways diversity makes us a more robust, innovative, and caring sector.

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24 Jun 2021

Local government & housing during and beyond COVID-19

We heard about research conducted by the Tyfu Tai Cymru team in February and December 2020 on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted housing professionals in local government. We found out how the pandemic has impacted local authority housing professionals, what they feel has gone well and where they have concerns for the future. There are some clear lessons about how we can support staff during difficult times and the power of motivation to ensure people can access a safe home during a public health emergency.

To find out more about the report discussed in this virtual event please use the links below to read it in English and Welsh.

English - https://www.cih.org/news/covid-19-intensifies-pressure-on-housing-and-homelessness-services

Welsh - https://www.cih.org/news/covid-19-yn-dwysaur-pwysau-ar-wasanaethau-tai-a-digartrefedd

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24 Jun 2021 | Technical update

Alertacall ideas lab, tenant safety- starts on the doorstep

This ideas lab will explore how to improve resident engagement on anti-social behaviour and crime prevention, look at the latest in door entry technology and best practice for housing providers.

Security and reliability are paramount for social housing providers when it comes to managing access for individual dwellings and communal entryways, particularly for older residents or those with additional needs. Improving resident engagement on such issues is key. Modern door entry solutions are high specification systems that offer increased functionality and also have a key role to play. The most advanced of this deliver video entry using a wireless network and are relatively easy to install with little disruption and infrastructure outlay. 

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22 Jun 2021

Cognito ideas lab: Digital transformation and engagement

Digital transformation is rising up the housing sector’s agenda. In the face of increasing societal pressures, embracing digital learning solutions ensures housing associations can continue to have the right impact where it is needed most – supporting their customers.

09 Jun 2021

Women, housing inequality and the Covid pandemic

Learn about the inequalities that women face and how COVID-19 has impacted womens’ ability to access suitable housing. Expert speakers from The Fawcett Society, National Housing Fedration and Homeless Link shared research findings and examples of challenges facing women.

Member Only 27 May 2021

South east power hour: let’s talk shared ownership

During this power hour event we heard from experts in shared ownership and examined how this could look in the future.

Member Only 25 May 2021

Difficult situations in sheltered housing schemes

CIH Northern Ireland, in partnership with Radius Housing Association launched a report on difficult situations in sheltered housing accommodation in Northern Ireland which has been funded through Supporting People - Provider Investment Funding, after recognising a pattern within their sheltered housing schemes.

This report looked at ‘challenging situations, both in terms of the increasing volume and frequency of these types of incidents occurring, but also noting that the situations themselves were becoming increasingly complex and diverse; this emerging pattern led Radius to consider some fundamental questions about sheltered housing provision.

The research was carried out in Northern Ireland but is relevant to all regions in the UK.

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Member Only 18 May 2021

Creating a sustainable furnished tenancy scheme

The challenges of creating a new scheme are daunting, but furnished tenancy schemes have been proven to be essential in supporting people to sustain a home.

End Furniture Poverty has worked across the UK to understand how to create a sustainable FT scheme, from an operational, financial, and social value perspective.

We listened to insights gathered from speaking to tenants who have live-in furnished tenancies, and those living in furniture poverty and learn best practice from existing schemes with advice and support covering everything you need to know how to launch an FT scheme.

Please read the report created by End Furniture Poverty entitled no place like home.

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