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Learning Curve

Learning Curve Group is a national training and education specialist. We work with further education providers, employers, and learners to help them achieve success.

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London Learning Consortium

LLC provide a range of training and educational programmes. We have extensive experience providing high-quality services that help customers make the right choices for their own careers, employment aims or local community.

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New City College Hackney

New City College is the largest college in east London. It was formed by a merger between a number of colleges. At our college, we offer learners the opportunity to study CIH level two certificate in housing. The qualification provides a good basic understanding of housing practice and will provide you with the knowledge to develop your career and move on to higher-level qualifications.

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New College Durham

New College Durham is well known by local employers and has a successful record of delivering housing qualifications for over 40 years. The College has an excellent reputation and works successfully with the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) to deliver the Level two and Level three Certificate in Housing Practice

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New College Lanarkshire

The creation of New College Lanarkshire was driven by a desire to improve the student experience by maximising opportunities and raising the aspirations of our learners creating greater choice, better progression, and enhanced employer engagement.

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Phoenix Academy

The Phoenix Academy is our 'school of social housing'. Set up in 2014, the academy aims to encourage more residents to become involved with Phoenix. The Phoenix Academy was named Best Training Scheme in the 24housing Awards

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SHARE is a Glasgow-based training provider that operates throughout Scotland, specialising in supporting the learning and development needs of the social housing sector.

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Sysco Business Skills Academy

Sysco is a leading training provider based in the North West with over 15 years of experience in delivering training and consultancy in a wide variety of sectors. Sysco work in partnership with CIH and together we're committed to supporting housing professionals to create a future in which everyone has a place to call home.

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The Learning Foundry

The Learning Foundry has been in existence for over 25 years and offers a wide range of apprenticeships, traineeships, and other programmes. We are part of the Regenda Group, which includes Regenda Homes, a major north west social landlord.  All of our tutors have extensive and recent housing experience so we can deliver training ‘by the sector, for the sector. 

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Three Dimensional Training

Three Dimensional Training focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs of customers, so we can provide innovative training solutions. We have high-quality proven tutors who provide exceptional training. We care about working with customers to truly make a difference.

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