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Member Only 13 Oct 2020 | People

In Conversation with Mark Pearson and Adele Rae

CIH Yorkshire and Humberside regional board member, Helen Smith was In Conversation with Mark Pearson, CEO of Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association, and Adele Rae, tenant board member to discuss how they have driven collaboration and tenant voice throughout the organisation and into their recent Corporate Strategy “Together 2023”.

Member Only 06 Oct 2020 | Careers

Seize the moment: Enhancing the opportunities for new ways of working

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had to work differently and adapt to new practices. As we start to look at what comes next, what aspects of our work do we want to take with us and what do we leave behind?

Simon Bernstein explored three key themes:

  • Prioritising health and wellbeing
  • Peak performance
  • Being innovative by looking forward and not back
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Free 02 Oct 2020 | Knowledge

The social housing safety net: being the best we can be

It’s more important than ever that social housing providers understand the difficulties that residents have experienced in the past or likely to experience in the future. It is in our interest to work with our residents and see what part we can play to make things easier. We want to keep as many of our residents in their homes as possible and want fewer people to be struggling. We heard from Jahanara Rajkoomar, director of community investment, Metropolitan Thames Valley.

01 Oct 2020 | People


In this virtual event for CIH volunteers and regional group members we heard from Gavin Smart, chief executive officer at CIH as he gave an update on the last year including the impact of COVID-19 and his general reflections on where CIH are at now. He shared a glimpse of future plans, as well as thanking you as volunteers for all of your commitment to the profession and membership. Debbie Larner, head of knowledge and products at CIH updated delegates on the CIH professional standards framework and discussed next steps in the project and our initial plans to start rolling this out across the sector, with the support of CIH volunteers.

Aileen Evans, CIH President, joined us to provide an update on her presidential campaign ‘Shine a Light’. She explained that the fundraising efforts have been continuing till been taking place and she raised awareness of the campaign. Aileen also introduced us to the new mental health tool kit for the sector which was recently launched.

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Member Only 30 Sep 2020 | Knowledge

Building better boards: Championing diversity and ensuring equality

We as a professional body are committed to supporting the sector with professional standards, but in particular championing diversity at all levels. This event explored good practice already in existence, but also importantly discussed the challenges for the sector in ensuring we have diversity across our organisations, but also are representative of our communities. In a continuation from our first Building better boards event, Mark Brown, CEO of the Dolphin Index expanded on how boards cannot live by governance alone, exploring how having diversity on boards can drive better decision making, and enable greater success.

Gera Patel, senior consultant at Campbell Tickell brings close to 20 years’ experience of working in and with a wide range of organisations. Now sitting on the consultancy side, Gera provided her insights on how a board’s recruitment and succession planning can be improved, opening themselves up to the wealth of talent available from across the diversity spectrum.

Mushtaq Khan, currently interim CEO at Housing Diversity Network also brought his lived experience of rising to senior roles within the housing sector. Housing Diversity Network are one of the leading organisations that help organisations to be better. We heard his take on where the sector is right now, and what are the practical measures that boards can take to change things for the better, encouraging more diversity at all levels.

Progress Housing Group were one of the first organisations to try and create a board development programme for candidates who perhaps didn’t have direct experience sitting on a board, but aspired to do so. We heard about their programme, the successes it had, but also where there is learning to be had in how programmes like this can be rolled out more widely and ensure that the talent being generated does then result it greater diversity actually being on the boards at the end.


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Member Only 25 Sep 2020 | Careers

Owning your future; Developong your career in the new world

'Owning Your Future 2020’ is a new series of informal ‘how to’ style sessions designed to provide you with a range of professional development skills, tools, knowledge and advice to turn your career aspirations into reality and set you on the right path to success. Our third session focussed on developing your career in the new world. In this session Daniel Short and Barry Forsythe from Greenacre recruitment discussed the current job market scene and provided delegates with practical tips and advice to help preparation and progression.

Topics included;
• CV Tips
• Building your online profile
• Video Applications
• Virtual Interviews

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21 Sep 2020 | Knowledge

Building better boards Cymru

We heard from a fantastic line-up of expert speakers at this inaugural Building better boards Cymru virtual event. We discussed the roles of boards and listened to best practice and how CIH is committed to supporting board members and governance professionals in Wales to overcome the challenges they face. Our speakers debated what the immediate impact of the COVID-19 crisis has had on providers, and considered how we can all inspire positive change to develop good governance within organisations long into the future.

Member Only 18 Sep 2020 | Knowledge

No drains, no cranes: water infrastructure and housing development

Having clean running water is vital for good health and something that many of us take for granted every day.

We heard from Dr Stephen Blockwell as he provided data and an update on:

  • Northern Ireland’s wastewater capacity
  • What capacity constraints mean for private and social housing development
  • The investment needs of our vital water infrastructure
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17 Sep 2020 | Knowledge

Leadership in housing - a looming capability gap?

The Chartered Institute of Housing and the Institute of Leadership and Management launched their report ‘Leadership in Housing – a looming capability gap?’ The research for this report was presented along with recommendations on how we can ensure the future strength and success of the UK housing sector. We as the professional body recognise that there has been a leadership gap widening in the sector for some time and our report will help to lay the foundations of the steps we want to take with you to fix the problem.

in 2020 we have seen the broad range of skills that leaders need to have in order to be successful and keep the organisation running. It is fundamental that we as a sector do more to support aspiring leaders, in a meaningful and sustained way.

Drawing on the expertise of the Institute of Leadership and Management, this isn’t just about how we can be good leaders now and develop future talent, but more so, how we can do that in housing context. We are excited to also announce that our partnership will be going further in bringing you a joint membership offer.

Leadership in Housing – a looming capability gap? - Read the report

Joint membership offer with The Institute of Leadership and Management

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Member Only 16 Sep 2020 | Knowledge

Scottish Housing Day: The value of social housing

We were joined on this webinar by Kevin Stewart MSP, the minister for local government, housing and planning, Alison Watson, director of Shelter Scotland and Leonora Montgomery, chair of Aberdeen Citywide Multi-storey Group as they shared their thoughts on the value of social housing.

Affordable housing needs in Scotland post-2020 report

This report presents the findings from research conducted in 2019 which sought to estimate the need for affordable housing in Scotland between 2021 and 2026. The research was commissioned by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Shelter Scotland and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland. The study updates a previous, similar exercise conducted in 2015 by the research team.

View the report here.

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Member Only 28 Aug 2020 | Careers

Owning your future - building your rapport to nurture relationships

Building rapport with staff and getting to know your team is an effective way of building relationships and achieving results quickly. However, a leader’s role isn’t to be everyone’s best friend, but to lead in a way that inspires trust and confidence. Natalie Keating, chief executive officer from The Better Health Generation UK looked at how we can build rapport whilst in a leadership position, both internally and externally.

Building rapport with your colleagues and partners is part of your ongoing leadership journey, and we addressed key themes to support you to further flourish within your current role and prepare you for leadership challenges in the future.

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Member Only 26 Aug 2020 | Knowledge

Tipping point: Health and housing – building better partnerships

We heard about iHub’s work to support the housing sector in Scotland in dealing with the immediate impact of the Coronavirus outbreak and longer-term plans to promote better practice and partnership working between housing, health and social care. We also heard how Bield has had to adapt their services and what support they offered to tenants, as well as their experience of working with partners in health and social care.

Good housing is essential to our health and wellbeing. If there was ever any doubt about this, it has been well and truly extinguished by the Coronavirus epidemic which has cast new light on the inequalities within our society. People without a secure place to live, or space to work, and for children to learn and play, have been hit much harder by the pandemic.

At the same time, the amazing work of social landlords has ensured that tenants and communities have been supported, and that food and other essentials are being distributed to those who need them. As we start to adjust to a ‘new normal’ after Coronavirus, we need to be asking what lessons can be learned from the housing sector’s response to the pandemic and how can we build better relationships with our partners in health and social care?

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Member Only 18 Aug 2020 | Knowledge

Tipping point: ongoing support, coming out of Covid

We heard from Jo Prestidge, lead on Housing First England for Homeless Link share some best practice from case studies that she has been working with to deliver housing first services and what is needed going forwards. James McDermott, regional director at Two Saints also showcased how the Housing First model works and shared the outcomes and impact that it has had on the communities it serves.

The global pandemic has thrown up many many challenges, but also many opportunities, now more than ever our sector is at a tipping point in lots of areas. We need to ensure that we continue to work, share ideas and best practice to inform and act in a positive way so that we can tip the balance in favour of our aims, ensuring that everyone has a safe place to call home.

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Member Only 11 Aug 2020 | Knowledge

Tipping point: From bad to good, how COVID-19 has triggered a route to renewal

Mel Brain, head of housing strategy and partnerships at Cornwall Council, and Nick Griffiths, district manager at Leicester City Council shared examples from their respective organisations showcasing different approaches to problem-solving taken during the lockdown period and their vision for moving forwards. We will take the learning from COVID-19 to inform future homelessness service delivery. Now is a time for bravery and being bold.

The global pandemic has thrown up many many challenges, but also many opportunities, now more than ever our sector is at a tipping point in lots of areas. We need to ensure that we continue to work, share ideas and best practice to inform and act in a positive way so that we can tip the balance in favour of our aims, ensuring that everyone has a safe place to call home.

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Member Only 06 Aug 2020 | Knowledge

Planning for a pandemic

Given the current climate and how organisations will need to plan as we recover from the pandemic, technology will underpin a lot of this necessary thinking and agility is key where we lack uncertainty.

Planning for a pandemic is all about managing risks. So, how do you manage technology risks?

Goher Mohammad, head of information security at L&Q examined how technology risk needs to be highlighted as a key risk on par with some other more ‘physical’ risks. This was heightened under the GDPR legislation.

Goher looked at how we can use this line of thinking to spot opportunities that will drive an organisation forwards and improve things for colleagues.

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