26 Feb 2024

Connect with the CIH Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Group

Regional groups (formally known as regional boards), support CIH to deliver the best member value on a local level. Over the last few years, the Yorkshire and Humberside Group (CIH Y&H) has organised local networking events, delivered housing practice webinars, and used its platform to raise the profile of housing professionals working in the region. We also played a key role in delivering last year’s Northern Housing Summit in Harrogate.

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As regional lead, I work with the other volunteers on the group. Collectively we add additional value to the work CIH are doing centrally, identifying those issues which matter to housing professionals in Yorkshire and feeding this back to the central teams.

Here is a list of some of the activities we have planned for 2024 and five ways you can get involved:

Join our new Linkedin group

We have recently launched our brand new CIH Y&H Housing Professional Linkedin group. It’s a place where housing professionals in the region can come together to share good practice, advertise up coming events and share job opportunities. To join, just send me a message and I will add you on.

Come and meet us at our next event

Plans are under way for our first event of 2024. ‘Connections in Yorkshire’, which will be held on Thursday 25 April in Leeds City Centre. This face to face event will provide a great opportunity to meet other housing professionals from the region. The great thing about regional events like this is, they are free and open to members and non-members. So, grab a colleague, book a couple of places and come along. If you do have to come alone, don’t worry a warm welcome is guaranteed.

Write a blog

This year we plan to use our platform to help others raise their profile. Is there something you’re involved in which you are passionate about? Do you know someone who is new to the sector who needs a platform to be heard? Let us know and we can help you. Our intention is to publish blogs / short vlogs on our Linkedin page and in the regional newsletter on a regular basis. So don’t be shy, give it a go. If I can write one, I am sure you can.

Promote CIH in your organisation

Are there people in your organisation who don’t know about CIH and could be potential members? Would you like to organise a session, so people can find out more? With a bit of notice, we can arrange for someone from CIH or a member of the regional group to speak at your organisation and explain the wealth of benefits you can get by being a member.

Watch out for our networking social event

Later in the year we hope to arrange a face to face social event, so housing professionals in the region can meet each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. If my couple of decades in housing have told me anything, it is that just by building up a handful of new professional connections can really open up opportunities. If you have an idea, or would like to get involved in organising something, please contact me on Linkedin.

So, there you go. Hopefully, I’ve sparked some ideas and whetted your appetite to get involved. The sector is filled with some of the most kind, determined and intelligent value driven people I have ever met. If I haven’t met you yet, I hope I get the opportunity to meet you soon.

Written by

Matt Lewer, regional lead for CIH Yorkshire and Humberside