05 Mar 2024

Why CIH Futures are launching a new network for young housing professionals

This March, CIH Futures launch a network to bring young people within the housing sector together. The group will share ideas and give young people a voice across the sector. Our first meeting will take place Friday, 8 March 2024.

CIH Futures is a board of young housing professionals who exist to advocate for a young person's perspective within the housing sector, encourage making a career in housing a career of choice, and to use our platform to help drive the sector to become more representative of the communities it serves.

There’s no doubting that it’s a difficult time to work in housing. The sector is under many different pressures both internally and externally. However, this means that now is the time to strengthen our relationships with one another as young housing professionals across the country, and work together as we navigate the increasing challenges of working in social housing.

There are many important conversations for young housing professionals to have at the moment, from professionalisation, mandatory qualifications, net zero and decarbonisation, and beyond. CIH Futures believe that the views of younger people working in the sector should be at the forefront of those conversations, helping to shape them and the sector that continues to deliver for its communities. We hope this network will provide a useful space for younger housing professionals to meet, network and learn as they build their career in the sector.

As the future leaders of the housing sector it’s vital we bring young professionals together as a group to learn, collaborate and build professional networks. We want to use this platform to showcase our great work within CIH Futures, the sector as a whole, and seek and welcome new voices to come forward to share their insights and expertise with a network of passionate and engaged group of young housing professionals.

Our network will be open to all young housing professionals aged 35 or under, so we can reach out to those that may not be CIH members yet and demonstrate our value as a profession and as a board - and help build the housing leaders of the future.

To book your place to attend our network meeting please visit the CIH events page below. To find out more about CIH Futures please visit the CIH Futures page.

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Written by

Halisha Kaur, chair CIH Futures