Member Only 08 Jun 2023 | Skills development

Building Better Board - In my Shoes with Lara Oyedele

Advocating racial and ethnic diversity in housing boardrooms.

This recording is particularly relevant to board chairs, board members and those working in governance-related positions.

In my shoes is a CIH presidential campaign, by Lara Oyedele, that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of racial diversity in the housing sector, drawing on Lara’s lived experience of the housing sector and racial adversity. 

Boardrooms across the sector are not representative of the organisations or communities that they serve, join Lara to hear what we can do to challenge the sector, and ourselves in order to effect change.

Why watch?

  • Hear delegates participate in the conversation with our expert speaker - we encourage delegates to challenge, debate and share their ideas and insights.
  • Listen to delegates communicating with fellow board members and governance professionals to discover new ideas to guide your organisation.
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