06 Oct 2020 | Career development

Learning at Work Week 2020: My learning journey – Jonathan Conway

In this blog, Jonathan Conway, community services team leader from Newport City Homes shares an insight into his housing career.

30 Sep 2020 | Homelessness

Can social housing rebalance the homelessness equation?

Chloe Fletcher, policy director at the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) discusses the latest NFA Best Practice report which concludes current government strategy on homelessness.

28 Sep 2020 | Affordability and benefits

What does the new data on Universal Credit tell us?

Sam Lister, CIH policy and practice officer tells all.

25 Sep 2020 | Affordability and benefits | Health

Need for housing innovation and disruption

Fiona Clandillon, associate director of the Scottish Futures Trust discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has made us reflect on the inequalities within our housing.

22 Sep 2020 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Health | Homelessness

A plague on our houses?

Ben Marshall, research director at Ipsos MORI shares more about his recent research and what it tell us.

22 Sep 2020 | Health | Homelessness

The right homes in the right places – why we need a Healthy Homes Act

Sarah Davis, CIH senior policy officer discusses why the Heathy Homes Act is important for our health and wellbeing, and to enable us to flourish.

17 Sep 2020 | Career development

Leadership in housing – a looming capability gap?

Kate Cooper from The Institute of Leadership & Management discusses new research conducted on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Housing around the leadership gap in housing.

16 Sep 2020 | Building new homes

Marking Scottish Housing Day 2020

CIH Scotland director, Callum Chomczuk sets out why Scottish Housing Day is focussing on the value of social housing.

14 Sep 2020 | About CIH | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes

Doubts grow about government emphasis on shared ownership

CIH policy advisor John Perry, unpicks the Government’s announcement for new investment in affordable homes, including shared ownership and what this could really mean for housing in this country.

09 Sep 2020 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability

#OurNorth – Rising to the challenge of Net Zero

Brian Robson, executive director from the Northern Housing Consortium shares more about how the North of England is rising to the challenge of net zero.

09 Sep 2020 | Homelessness

Improving housing outcomes for women and children experiencing domestic abuse

An update on a working group co-chaired by CIH Scotland and Scottish Women's Aid.

07 Sep 2020 | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability

Sustainability and Killynure Green, Northern Ireland

Choice Housing from Northern Ireland share an overview of their Killynure Green development.

28 Aug 2020 | About CIH

A tribute to Alan Ferguson

Celebrating the life and achievements of Alan Ferguson who spent 21 years with CIH Scotland after becoming director in 1993.

26 Aug 2020 | Building new homes | Health

Living well in an accessible home

As a housing association specialising in accessible homes, putting homes at the heart of living well resonates with disabled tenants and their families as Sheron Carter, CEO of Habinteg explains.

25 Aug 2020 | Health | Regulation and legal

Domestic abuse – why we really must make a stand now

Alex Gibson, CIH policy and practice officer, highlights why housing must not waste any more time in putting its pledges into actions and truly tackling the crime.

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