Member only CIH Unlocked 15 Feb 2024 | Career development

Geraldine Howley OBE: Reflections of a CIH chair

Geraldine Howley OBE talks achievements and ambitions as she reflects on her time as chair of the CIH governing board.

Member only CIH Unlocked 15 Feb 2024 | Regulation and legal

Navigating a new era of public affairs in Northern Ireland

With Stormont restored, Justin Cartwright looks at the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both the sector and the new communities minister.

14 Feb 2024 | Career development | Regulation and legal

Housing qualifications throughout the UK: What the Welsh sector snapshot tell us

As England responds to the Competence and Conduct Standard consultation Matt Dicks discusses the findings of CIH Cymru’s sector snapshot of housing qualifications in Wales.

07 Feb 2024

Join me around the campfire at the Scottish Housing Festival

Read about the campfire session that Alison Inman has planned for attendees at SHF 2024.

06 Feb 2024

Temporary accommodation: children’s mental health paying the price

Hannah Keilloh calls for us to use this children’s mental health week as a call to action in tackling the housing crisis

01 Feb 2024 | Career development

Housing apprenticeships in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Apprentice Week showcases how apprenticeships can transform the future for apprentices and businesses.

Member only CIH Unlocked 01 Feb 2024 | Health

The silent epidemic: Mental health and suicide in the built environment

Why is the problem so bad, and what's being done about it? Alma Sheren investigates.

Member only CIH Unlocked 01 Feb 2024 | Building safety and housing management | Health | Tenants and residents

Positive Partnerships across Health and Housing: Key takeaways from our virtual event

Missed our recent virtual event on how the health and housing sectors can work better together, or just need a recap? We've got you covered.

Member only CIH Unlocked 01 Feb 2024 | Tenants and residents

I may be retired but I’ll never stop working for fellow tenants

Retired tenant Janette Ball shares insight Salford-based ForHousing's proactive approach to scrutiny.

Member only CIH Unlocked 01 Feb 2024 | Building safety and housing management | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Livv and learn: What it takes to regain full regulatory compliance

After facing a G3 downgrade in 2018, Livv Housing Group is once again a proud G1/V1 housing association. Liam Turner spoke with CEO Léann Hearne to find out how they turned things around.

30 Jan 2024 | Health | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

Why we need to prioritise play for children living in temporary accommodation

Study on the impact of children's development whilst living in temporary accommodation without the usual access to play and other essential services.

29 Jan 2024 | Building new homes

Supply: fixing the housing crisis upstream

Policy and practice officer Megan Hinch discusses why heading up stream to fix supply issues will alleviate the housing crisis and create a healthier society for everyone.

24 Jan 2024 | Building safety and housing management

Mitigating the impact of cladding remediation: A case for considerate solutions

As buildings undergo recladding, the chosen access method can significantly influence the daily lives of residents, we look at alternative solutions to minimise disruption for tenants.

23 Jan 2024 | Career development

Mentoring spotlight - Phillip Morrison Gale

To coincide with 2024’s Mentoring Month, a few of our CIH members are sharing their experience with mentoring we start with the CEO of Cill Dara Housing Association with his new foray into mentoring.

Member only CIH Unlocked 18 Jan 2024 | Climate and sustainability | Digital

The secret to sustainable scheduling success

FLS – FAST LEAN SMART's Lee Hawkes explains how innovative tools and technology can help housing providers to speed up the shift to sustainable scheduling and route planning.