08 Nov 2022 | Climate and sustainability | Cost of living | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 - right ambition, right timing?

CIH Futures Cymru member Charlotte Whitney considers ambition versus reality with regards to the WHQS2023 plan.

03 Nov 2022 | Cost of living

A typical week in our Cartrefi Conwy and Creating Enterprise Community Hub

In this blog the Cartrefi Conwy and Creating Enterprise’s Community Hub at Llandudno describe a typical week of activities, designed to supporting the community during the cost of living crisis.

03 Nov 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes

Working better together

In northern and southern Ireland housing supply and affordability is a hot topic. This blog looks at the similar trends and patterns emerging despite differing political contexts and unique challenges

01 Nov 2022 | Career development | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Inclusion is everyone's business

In this guest blog, Lucy Malarkey, director of Positive about Inclusion, talks about the actions needed to create a truly inclusive culture within organisations.

31 Oct 2022 | Private rent | Private Rented Sector

New CIH research shows 41 per cent of private landlords would quit the market under Northern Ireland rent freeze

Justin Cartwright, CIH NI national director discusses the report which shows between 41 and 60 per cent of landlords would seek to exit the market if rents were frozen or cut.

28 Oct 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Tenants and residents

Stigma and Social Housing in England: their implications for housing sector and the profession

Dr. Mercy Denedo and Dr. Amanze Ejiogu highlight a few of the key issues from their recent consultation report and implications for housing professionals.

27 Oct 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

A sit down with our new CIH president, Lara Oyedele

Discover more about Lara's experiences, passions, aspirations and motivations.

26 Oct 2022 | Building new homes | Building safety and housing management | Career development | Climate and sustainability | Cost of living | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

An environmental, social and governance focus helps make what matters brilliant

In this blog Glenn Harris discusses why a focus on ESG is helping Midland Heart to build better homes and communities in the Midlands.

24 Oct 2022 | Tenants and residents

What does increasing anti social behaviour (ASB) tell us about our communities and the people who live in them?

Ahead of her session at the upcoming All-Ireland Summit Eileen Patterson discusses the root causes and impact of anti-social behaviour in communities.

20 Oct 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Cost of living

Why failure to uprate in 2023 will destroy an already inadequate benefits system

Policy and practice officers Sam Lister and Alexandra Gibson detail the impact of inflation on benefits; showing the cumulative effect of cuts and why it is essential for government to uprate benefits

17 Oct 2022 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Homelessness

Housing associations' role in supporting young asylum seekers

Gemma Richardson discusses the importance of providing every child with a home and the support they need to live with confidence, independence and choice, regardless of their immigration status.

17 Oct 2022 | Climate and sustainability

Thirteen Recycling Centre: Making every week recycling week

In this blog for Recycling Week 2022 Helen Beaman explains how Thirteen’s Recycling Centre has reduced their environmental impact and provides a positive impact for tenants, the community and the team

13 Oct 2022 | Building new homes | Planning

We cannot level up while we lose affordable homes

Why relaxing s106 planning reforms will be catastrophic to affordable housing delivery

05 Oct 2022 | Cost of living | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Tenants and residents

Tenants need to have a voice

Vice chair of Soha Housing and tenant Victoria Dingle discusses why it's so important for residents to be listed to and represented in their housing association.

03 Oct 2022 | About CIH

Housing industry awards

Chartered Institute of Housing chief executive Gavin Smart shares his thought on the debate around awards in the housing sector.

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