25 Aug 2022 | Building safety and housing management | Regulation and legal

An insider's guide to recent fire safety management legislation changes

Jan Taranczuk, strategic housing advisor at Plumis and chartered CIH member, shares a summary of recent legislative changes that impact on day to day fire safety management for housing managers.

25 Aug 2022 | Cost of living

Working together to tackle cost of living pressures

Paradigm’s Assistant Director of Strategy and Communications discusses how working in partnership with local Citizens Advice Bureaus is helping support tenants during the cost of living crisis.

24 Aug 2022 | Building safety and housing management | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Making the most of your resident feedback

Stephanie Lacey, data consultancy lead from Housemark shares more about the upcoming CIH Housing Management Masterclass on driving service improvement through resident feedback.

22 Aug 2022 | Career development

Proud to be professional, it’s about competence and integrity

Jane Pightling advocates the importance of competence and integrity to create a culture where professionalism thrives.

19 Aug 2022 | Climate and sustainability

It takes a village to adapt to the climate crisis

This blog for World Humanitarian Day discusses how housing projects and local communities have respond effectively when climate disasters strike, creating climate resilience lessons for us all.

18 Aug 2022

Why partnership working helps deliver success for the housing sector

This blog examines the importance of partnership working in overcoming challenges, delivering homes, and celebrating successes in the sector.

15 Aug 2022 | Career development

Attracting and retaining talent in a competitive jobs market

This blog discusses the lessons we can learn from other sectors to combat the skills shortage in housing in a highly competitive jobs market to attract and retain talent in housing.

11 Aug 2022 | Cost of living | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

Sponsoring Ukrainian refugees – what happens if sponsors pull out?

CIH policy advisor John Perry explores recent ONS stats indicating a quarter of households currently accommodating refugees under the Homes for Ukraine scheme want to pull out of it after six months,

03 Aug 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Climate and sustainability

Derwenthorpe - a modern garden village

Matt Lewer, vice-chair of the CIH Yorkshire and Humber regional group shares more about the recent tour of Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust's new development.

01 Aug 2022 | About CIH | Career development

Be bold, be brave, be you… but don’t bend!

CIH member and North East group member, Laura Wood shares more about the recent Owning Your Future event.

28 Jul 2022 | About CIH | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

An inspiring visit to Hightown Housing Association

CIH policy and practice officer Hannah Keilloh reflects on a recent trip to Hightown Housing Association to talk about their work in homelessness prevention.

27 Jul 2022 | Homelessness | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Homelessness and the regulation of social housing - could housing associations be doing more?

David Bogle, Homes for Cathy chair and chief executive of Hightown Housing Association sets out a new proposal to help further prevent homelessness.

25 Jul 2022 | About CIH | Career development

Effective leadership with the CIH professional standards

Paul Smith, chief executive of Elim Housing Association shares more about his discovery of the CIH professional standards and how he hopes they be used in the organisation and profession as a whole.

25 Jul 2022 | Health | Tenants and residents

Using music to connect with people living with dementia

This new guest blog from Michael Timmons explains how Playlist for Life can support housing professionals to connect with tenants and customers who are living with dementia.

22 Jul 2022 | Tenants and residents

Harm Centred Approaches to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Janine Green explores the impact anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have and why a harm centred approach to ASB case management is important.

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