28 Jun 2023 | Planning

Are we still ‘planning for the future’?

Hannah Keilloh, CIH policy and practice officer, considers changes to planning in 2023 and the impact on social housing.

28 Jun 2023 | Regulation and legal

The Social Housing (Regulation) Bill: Change is coming

The Social Housing (Regulation) Bill is now close to receiving royal assent and it will have a big impact on the housing industry.

28 Jun 2023 | Career development | Regulation and legal

CIH professional standards: Why now is the perfect time to take the self-assessment

We designed our self-assessment, linked to our professional standards, to help you along your development journey, no matter your role, your length of service or your area of expertise.

26 Jun 2023 | Building safety and housing management

Managing fire safety risks: How to make sure you’ve got the right competencies and resident engagement strategies

Andy Frankum and Jan Taranczuk from the National Social Housing Fire Strategy Group discuss the steps you need to be taking to ensure you are effectively managing and mitigating fire safety risks.

21 Jun 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

It’s 75 years since the arrival of the Windrush – what happened to the families that it brought to the UK?

CIH's John Perry discusses what has happened to the families brought to the UK by HMT Empire Windrush and if the lessons learned from the Windrush Scandal are now being ignored.

21 Jun 2023 | Building new homes | Building safety and housing management | Tenants and residents

Successful apartment living – OMCs not OMG!

The Housing Agency's David Rouse outlines why the heart of successful apartment communities are organised and well-run owners’ management companies.

13 Jun 2023 | Building safety and housing management | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Health | Tenants and residents

Looking to the future: meeting need for supported and older person’s housing

Ed Barber, policy officer at the National Housing Federation shares more about the organisation's recent survey results regarding development of specialist housing.

12 Jun 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion | Tenants and residents

Language: Getting the balance right

Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) is a resident owned and controlled organisation discuss why it is important to give care and consideration to the language we use.

09 Jun 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Sometimes it’s the little, seemingly insignificant things, that have the biggest impact

Guy Stenson discusses why a genuine commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) needs to be a year round commitment and most of all it needs to be authentic.

09 Jun 2023 | Cost of living

Creating community initiatives that help ease the cost of living impact

Michelle Dawson, director of housing and community investment at Abri, discusses how their community initiatives are helping to support customers.

07 Jun 2023 | Building new homes

From prefabs to modern methods of development: challenges, potentials and lessons learnt

As the construction of traditional new homes continues to face challenges, developers are increasingly turning to modern methods of construction (MMC) to deliver new developments.

05 Jun 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Cost of living | Tenants and residents

Child poverty after housing costs on the rise again

Dr Juliet Stone discusses the research behind the latest local child poverty statistics and why considering local circumstances is vital when examining child poverty.

05 Jun 2023

Two areas where housing can help limit waste

On World Environment Day policy and practice officer Matthew Scott looks at how housing organisations can help to limit waste and contribute to a circular economy.

01 Jun 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Housing is a feminist issue

Tracey Downie discusses why we need to improve the access and delivery of housing for women and influence housing providers and policy makers to address women's needs in the services they offer.

31 May 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

A career in housing, not following in the family footsteps

This #InMyShoes blog by Trishna Tripuraneni discusses her career path and why working in the housing sector has proved her most rewarding role to date.