13 Feb 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

The fear of offending

This #InMyShoes blog by Pamela Leonce explores if the fear of offending is hampering diversity in housing. Discussing the simple changes we can make to be more racially aware and inclusive.

13 Feb 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Health | Homelessness | Tenants and residents

The ticking time bomb of temporary accommodation on a generation of children’s mental health

Hannah Keilloh provides a detailed analysis temporary accommodation examining the specific impact on children's mental health.

09 Feb 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

This is how we live our lives, out

Cat Halsan is proud to be part of making LGBT history this History Month.

02 Feb 2023 | Equality, diversity and inclusion

Creating safe housing for LGBTQI asylum seekers

This blog details the life changing difference LGBTQI safe housing makes for asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution.

02 Feb 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Planning | Regulation and legal

Levelling Up: Inequality should not be inevitable

A year after the Levelling Up White Paper was published this blog explores the current funding mechanisms and what must be done to ensure transparency so that no place is left behind.

23 Jan 2023 | Climate and sustainability | Planning | Tenants and residents

Levelling up in practice to build fair foundations for all

Karbon Homes' Charlotte Carpenter explores the value of shaping strong sustainable places for communities ahead of the Northern Housing Festival 2023.

18 Jan 2023 | Building safety and housing management

Dealing with damp, mould, and condensation

This blog by John Ghader describes how Prima Housing Group have embedded their damp and mould strategy in their business as usual approach to reduce disrepair cases.

13 Jan 2023 | Climate and sustainability | Tenants and residents

Regeneration nation: Learning from people-powered models in rural areas

Ronnie MacRae, chief executive officer at Communities Housing Trust shares more about recent regeneration developments ahead of Scotland's Housing Festival 2022.

09 Jan 2023 | Planning

Planning agencies: an alternative approach to public sector planning

In this blog the RTPI explore the effects of sustained funding cuts and potential solutions to some of the challenges facing public sector planning.

05 Jan 2023 | Homelessness

Innovating a way through the homeless crisis

In this blog Beam COO, Seb Barker, discusses how we can innovate a way through the homeless crisis, harnessing the power of technology to support those experiencing homelessness.

03 Jan 2023 | Affordability and benefits | Building new homes | Building safety and housing management | Climate and sustainability | Cost of living | Health | Homelessness | Regulation and legal | Tenants and residents

Looking back on 2022 and ahead to 2023

CIH's head of policy and external affairs, Rachael Williamson, looks back on the year in housing and forward to the challenges and opportunities we are anticipating from 2023.

03 Jan 2023 | Tenants and residents

Customer engagement – Do you want easy and cheap, or to get it right?

Steve Mackenzie, member of Yorkshire Housing's customer voice and review committee gives insight into his upcoming session at the Northern Housing Festival.

23 Dec 2022

Looking back – The Welsh housing landscape in 2022

Cerys Clark, policy and public affairs manager for CIH Cymru, looks back on a year in Welsh housing. 

22 Dec 2022 | Affordability and benefits | Cost of living | Tenants and residents

The cost of living crisis and social sector rents

September’s mini-budget gave little help to poorer families apart from its pre-announced support for fuel bills, writes John Perry in this edited extract from UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper.

19 Dec 2022 | Homelessness

What can we learn from staff working on the frontline of homelessness

St-Martin-in-the-Field share their research detailing lived and frontline experience of addressing homelessness, and areas where change is needed to help prevent and relieve homelessness