12 Nov 2020 | Homelessness

How do we deliver effective accommodation interventions for people experiencing homelessness?

Dr Ligia Teixeira discusses steps we can take to deliver effective accommodation interventions for people experiencing homelessness.

10 Nov 2020 | Building new homes | Health | Regulation and legal

It is time that we develop new homes that are made for everyone

We must tackle the inequalities that many disabled people face when trying to find a suitable home. Sarah Davis shares more about what the Housing Made for Everyone (HoME) coalition aims to do.

09 Nov 2020 | Digital | Regulation and legal

How Eastlight co-created a new community gateway during lockdown

Emma Palmer gives a sneak peak of how Eastlight Community Homes have broken the mould to encourage meaningful involvement that meets customer needs now and in future.

09 Nov 2020 | Affordability and benefits | Health | Homelessness

Why homes must be at the heart of our country’s future

Everyone deserves a safe, secure, comfortable place to call home. Not just in the middle of a crisis, but always. Melanie Rees highlights why homes should be at the heart of our country’s future.

28 Oct 2020 | About CIH

Meet the Malcolm Smith Award winner 2020

The Malcolm Smith prize is awarded for the best piece of work focusing on housing law or policy during the last academic year by a student in Scotland, studying up to MSc level.

28 Oct 2020 | Building new homes | Regulation and legal

Planning reform - where do we go from here?

Here is a quick-fire guide from CIH’s policy and practice officer, Hannah Keilloh, to the changes proposed and her final thoughts on them now that the consultation responses have been submitted.

27 Oct 2020

Home is where the harm is - living poor housing during lockdown

In this blog, Prof. Philip Brown discusses a new study highlighting the lived experience of people living in poor-quality, non-decent, accommodation during lockdown.

21 Oct 2020 | Regulation and legal

Letting agents, are you up to date with training requirements?

In this bog, Ashley Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland sets out why letting agency staff need to be able to demonstrate continuous learning.

19 Oct 2020 | Career development | Health

Are managing long-term health conditions and achieving meaningful career development mutually exclusive?

Heledd Williams, associate director of housing for the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust discusses her experience managing a long-term health condition alongside a developing career.

14 Oct 2020 | About CIH

Celebrating Black History Month – What’s in a name?

In this blog to mark Black History Month, CIH company secretary, Tolu Aluko shares her experience of equality, diversity and inclusion through her career.

12 Oct 2020 | Climate and sustainability | Regulation and legal

A new lease of life – the latest report from the Housing Ombudsman Service

Housing Ombudsman, Richard Blakeway shares more about the new report from the Housing Ombudsman Service, 'A new lease of life'

08 Oct 2020 | Homelessness

Ending homelessness together

Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning Kevin Stewart MSP shares details from the revised plan to end homelessness.

08 Oct 2020 | Career development

Learning at Work Week 2020: My learning journey – Rebecca Mallory

In this blog, Rebecca Mallory, tenancy officer from Newark and Sherwood District Council shares an insight into her housing career.

07 Oct 2020 | About CIH | Affordability and benefits

Learning at work week 2020: My learning journey to fellowship – Catharine Hinton

CIH fellow, Catharine Hinton, shares more about her career in housing and learning journey that brought about her fellowship status.

06 Oct 2020 | Health | Regulation and legal

The new Domestic Abuse Capacity Building Fund – what does it mean for councils?

Under the new Domestic Abuse Bill, councils will have a duty to provide support for victims of domestic abuse.

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